Wednesday, 9 December 2015




Today Room 11 and 12 went kiwisport. When we got there we met Liz our coach. She told us ‘‘Before we get started we have to do some stretches’’, the first thing we had to do was the scoat digger it was like bending and lifting an elephant at the same time. After that we played a game called Volleyball.

Liz said ‘‘ Put your arms out straight and then put your right hand on your left hand and there you go now you can hit the ball. As we were getting started we had to choose a buddy my one was Naomi. When I hit the ball way up to the roof I imagined it was me trying to jump as a ballerina.

Finally the last game of today she didn’t tell us what it was called but it sure was fun. It was when you had to try ame for the chair and hit it on the seat. If you hit the chair you will get 1 point and if you hit the seat then you get 2 points. Altogether my team's point was 23.


Today was fun all the hard team work and also giggling. My favourite part of the day was when we played Volleyball because I hit the ball way up to the roof. Liz was a good coach. I enjoy having kiwisports.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Jewelry Raptor

Hmmm what does Jewelry Raptor mean? well let's find out. It is a dinosaur that always steals golden treasure that he finds. Their names means Jewelry robber it got it’s name by always stealing everything that were jewelry.

              Paragraph 1 : what it looked like

Standing on two feet only (biped) it could run really fast because it was so small but strong to hold heavy things. The Jewelry Raptor could hypnotize any animal that would try to kill them. It was the size of a bag but creepy.

                  Paragraph 2: habitat

It lived somewhere where there were more dinosaurs and more secret hiding spots where there were treasure. obviously they had to live somewhere where there were more water to keep them alive.  

               Paragraph 3: how they killed other animals

They used their claws to stab but if that wasn’t strong enough it would use it’s tail had special diamonds that if it gets angry then the diamonds pop out and kill the animal.  The reason why it had diamonds on it’s head was just to scare other dinosaurs away.

Paragraph 4: what they eat

What Jewelry Raptor ate was sea animals like fish and all kind of different sea animals that have scales because it is so shiny and delicious. It was really weird because it also ate the bone because their teeth were so strong that they were like jems.  

      Paraghaph 5; Concluson

It was really fun learning about Jewelry Raptor thank you for knowing what they ate and where they came from. This is are very interesting dinosaur oh sorry gotta go The End.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Museum trip


Last week on Friday rm 11/12 went to the Auckland Museum. We went there because this term we are learning about dinosaurs. Before we got there we had to get into our groups I was in Amelia’s mum group.

Yay!!! We are at the Auckland Museum it looked like my heavenly father that was a dinosaur. When we got in the Museum we had to start of with eating yum yum yum. My group went to the Air NZ place where there was  most of the interesting things called the 3D binoculars .

That was my favourite part because when you put the binoculars on it's like you're on a real plane or in a real jungle. When you see the jungle there are animals and when I saw the butterfly I tried to touch it but accidentally kicked the chair. The 2nd place in the binocular was a airplane that was like I was in a real airplane and saw lots of other cartoon people.

Ohhhhhh yes lunch that was a long time so yes it was lunch time we had a little play around and it was fun I think I heard Mrs Stickland say ''let's go and play roly poly in clean rubbish bags''. To get started of with we had to go into rubbish bags and roll down the hill. I rolled down the hill with Naomi and was making noise like this qwack qwack.

The most fun part hometime yay it was really fun today and the Museum is so interesting I never thought it would be that fun. I was so surprised because I got hold the triceratops nose horn and got to feel it’s skin. Today was like dream come true so I think it is really good to be a museum helper.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Fraction fish


85 million years  ago Tyrannosaurus  Rex  was the most famous carnivore in the cretaceous period.  Their name means Tyrant lizard king.  It was one of the most predator.

The T-Rex was a very big predator well some people think but let see if they are really bad predator.  So T-Rex is actually both because when they live their eggs they will take care of them and go kill other reptiles. There is another reason why they are  dangerous it is because   they always kill other dinosaurs for food to feed their family.

It looked like a scary rock trying to haunt my house by throwing more and more and more.  AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh a big monster called the T-Rex is gonna destroy the whole universe oh sorry so where were we oh yeah so people think that the T-Rex is the largest dinosaur but it isn’t because there is more dinosaur that is even bigger than T-Rex.  The T-Rex  Long sharp claws that can scratch your eyes out.

The T-Rex had a good sense of smell that goes up to their brain to help them get their prey. If they were in a room they could smell different kind of animals.  They also had the best sense of smell of any extinct animal on earth.  Their nostril are 10 inches apart.

Thier arms was only used for small thing to pick up.  They got found in Montana, china, texas, wyoming, utah. It’s bones was hollow  which means that.  They  only liked to live in hot places where the herbivore were so they could eat them up. It ate 500 pounds in one bite isn’t that AMAZING.

It was a fast runner even though it was a large dino.  It was the size of a school bus. It weigh 6 tons.  Their jaw was 1.2 meters long.  It was a tricky dinosaur that will only kill and kill and kill.

Today was fun learning about the T-Rex and also getting more and more interesting paragraphs.  It takes a lot of time to think and think but I think that I am brainy see I just thought of something that was a long time.   

         THE END

Tuesday, 17 November 2015



Ankylosaurs was the most dangerous dinosaur I could ever read about. Ankylosaurs is in the cretaceous period. They use to live in south america. Ankylosaurs means stiff lizard.

Ankylosaurs had they had bony bits jutting out they were also toothless. It had spikes for protection that was like an armor. Their eyelids are bony plates. It has 4 legs that means it is a quadruped. At the end of it’s tail was like a sledgehammer.  

Ankylosaurs were slow walker but fast thinkers that can use their tail to wack wack and wack. If there was danger they could just use their tail and hit them like a hot air balloon flying up while a dinosaur is popping it.

Ankylosaurs was 8.9m long and was 4 tuns. It was 8.5 meters wide and It was the size of a school bus. It was a herbivore that wasn't afraid of anything. It could snap more than 45  degrees in any directions. Their tail was 4 feet long  but was strong. They had bony bits jutting.


Ankylosaurs is a very dangerous dinosaur that no one can ever kill. For now on my favourite dinosaur is Ankylosaurs because it is a very interesting dinosaurs.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Film festival

On Wednesday  Pt England went to  maniakalani film festival. Before we got there we had to check if anyone needed to go toilet or for a drink. After that we saw a bus and got in. WOW!!! we are at Sylvia park  it was like heaven full of film.

When we got there we watched a lot of movies but there was not that much time to watch more. our movie was called  Stay Young  and the presenter were Amelia and  Chastyti  I was proud of them. My favourite movie was stay young because everyone was happy and it was the right song for our  class.

My 2 favourite  was Kung Fu fighting  because they learnt  smooth Kung fu moves.  They had powerful confidence in their self. I was going to cry because of all the hard work that Pt England did.

And finally last but not least He maori ahau  because they had people to do the pukana. It was also funny because they did funny fashels. They were like jokers having fun with their faces.

Thursday, 29 October 2015


Today  room 11 and 12 were lining up to play athletes. Before we got started we had to talk to  Miss King about what kinds of things we were going to play. The first thing she said was, ‘‘ There is a moon hopper that is like a cushion filled with air, hurdles that you can jump over and you will see all the different kind of things to play with’’. Then we got started and the first thing room 11  did was the relay.

The first relay was throwing the equipment. We all had a turn. When I had a turn I saw a lot of equipment. There was a sock ball,tennis ball,heavy ball that weighs a lot and last but not least a funny little sack. I picked the heavy ball and it soared through the air. I never knew it would go that far.

Boom!!! The bell went which was the sign for us to move on to the next activity. Our next activity was basketball. I was so excited. We had to get into teams. As soon as it was my turn I got it in and we kept on going until the bell rang. I saw Amelia and she is good at shooting but then when she had a shot it got stuck into the corner. It looked like a small little pig that was screaming help!!!

Finally our last activity was the sack race. It was when you have to get into the sack and hop as fast as you can. I had a turn but when I had a turn I bounced up and down like a baby bird trying to fly up to the sky. Ms Squires said, ‘‘If you want to have fun you have to  cooperate and also encourage one another.''

It was very fun today because I got to learn about what it was like if you help each other and encourage everyone you know. My favourite part of the day was when we got to do the sack race because I coorporated and encouraged my friends. I felt extremely happy because now I know If you're in a team you can have fun if you work together.

Non- stop cricket


On a cold shivering day room 11 and 12 played a game called Non- stop cricket. Then we finally started so  I sprinted into my places. As soon as we started I hit the ball furiously.



I was so happy that my cheeks was about to pop because Miss Squires said ’’ Rm 11 is batting and Rm 12 is fielding ‘‘which made me happy because my favourite thing about cricket is batting. With excitement I hit the ball as hard as I could then it went all the way to Nytram he caught it and put on the cone. When we were done batting it was time to field.


When I finished my turn batting we also had a turn to field. I was trying to catch the ball but it flew across my head. Then suddenly Ayla hit the ball  with excitement so I caught it and  sprinted towards the cone and put it down.


As went back to class we just noticed that we were warm because we were being active while we were playing . My favourite part of the day was when I hit the ball and it flew all the way to Nytram. And  that is what Non- stop cricket is like when you give it a go.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross country

On Monday afternoon Pt England School had cross country. We had to get changed into our house colour clothes. To start off with, the year ones ran first all the way up to the year eights. When the year fours had to start I was really nervous and my heart was pounding so hard that I was about to throw up. As soon as we started Mr Burt and Mrs Vaafusuaga told us the instructions then we had to wait for the signal.

Slam! Went the clapper as the year four girls sprinted off with energy to burn. As soon as we started there was mud splattering on most of the girls t-shirts. Everyone was cheering for lots of people and it was like an enormous mouse trying to fight over the cheese.

Right ahead I saw a lot of teachers that were encouraging us to keep running all the way. Halfway I was gasping for breath like I was going to die. There was girls right in front of me and there was heaps of girls at the back of me too.

I felt nervous when we started and then I steadied into a jog. When I came close to the finish line I was exhausted. The next day I felt like I didn't want to come to school.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fireman David

On friday a real firefighter called David visited the year threes and the year fours. He came to talk about what they do, how do you become one, what they wear, and why you might want to be one. When he started telling us about himself we had ideas and asked him questions so we could know more about him. Now we all know  what to do if we want to be a firefighter.

Fireman David uses different kinds of equipment depending on what they are  doing. He told us that their hoses and tools  go   in the truck. They  also have helmets with lights to see in the hot smoke because the smoke will make the house be too pitch black dark. Fireman David said that the fire truck is just like a tool box with wheels.

David explained to us that  to become a firefighter is a very hard job. He said that he ran up and down the stairs with his kid on his back so he could be fit. You also have to have teamwork so that  everyone in your team has something to do.

Firefighters do different kind of jobs depending on what their rolls are. They have to be reliable  so they can come and help you. Fireman David said that When you help people from burning cars or houses you have to have team work and be organised.

To be honest I wouldn't want to be a firefighter because it sounds really scary. It would be my worse nightmare. If you want to be a fireman or firewoman you can get more information from this story that I wrote.  

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Better work stories

In the future my aspiration is to be a singer. I want to be a singer because I think that I have got a nice voice.  I really love to sing so if you want to be a singer you should  probably read this to get more information.

If you want to be a singer you would have to practice and practice and practice !!! .Singers travel around the world to see who would be a famous singer.  Singers also record so people can listen to their brand new songs. To become a singer you have to have a talent.

Singers wear everyday clothes. But they are also fashionable clothes so you got that swag.  They also need a variety of things for special people who have nice voices. They wear gold too and it looks very shiny.  Their shoes are so swag that you would be like that is so coooooool.

To become a singer you have to have moves and be into action for what song you are doing.  You also have to stop and think and be enterprising. It is important for you to have be encouraging and be organised.  You also need to be hard working and think big.

If I was a  singer I would be proud of myself and be so surprised. What would you do if you wanted to be a singer?

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Superhero/normal person

This show you are story about a girl eating vegetable  and then turning into a superhero.

Friday, 28 August 2015

A kiwi sport coach

INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?) Kiwisport coaches goes all over different places to teach schools how to be fit and how to learn about sports. Kiwisport coaches are always responsible.

Kiwisport coaches teach different skills for particular sports. They have to know what to do for sports so that everyone knows how to play it. They do a lot of sports so that is how kids get to love sports. Kiwisport coaches teach us to do special moves and skills for sports.  

Kiwisport coaches wear varied clothes depending on what sport they are doing. They wear casual clothes so it is easy to move.  There  are  badges that have their  names on it. You also need balls, hula hoops, cones and lily pads.

To become a kiwisport coach you will have to learn coaching models . You also need to train to become a kiwisport coach. It is important for kiwi sport coaches to be confident because schools would not want to have a kiwisport coach that is shy.

Kiwisport coaches have to be focus on what sport they are doing but they also need to have certain qualities. They  a have to be kind and be knowledgeable. They will teach you how to be organised and have patience.

So these are different things you would need to be if you wanted to be a kiwisport coach. I think being a kiwi sport coach is a good job so I would want to be a kiwisport coach.

Friday, 21 August 2015

3x Timestable

I am learning to solve problems like 5+5+5=?

A volcanologist


To be a Volcanologist  you will have to study volcanoes. Volcanologist is a rewarding job because they save people's lives from the erupting volcano.  As you learn how to be Volcanologist it will be very  hazardous because of the popping lava.

What they do is when  there is another person on the field that is finding interesting stuff about the volcanos there is another person in the laboratory.they use drones to videotape the stuff that is going on with the erupting volcano.  They also educate people as a firefighter. They move people out of there houses so the popping lava doesn't drop on their houses. Volcanologist are super heros at volcanoes because they study a lot.

volcanologists  have different clothes depending on what job they are doing.Volcanologists wear  heavy gloves, a helmet, breathing apparatus and also a heat- resistance suit . They wear a heat- resistance suit so they don't get burnt from the popping lava and they wear breathing apparatus so they can breath in the fire. Volcanologist wear helmet and heavy gloves so the sharp stuff don't go on there head or there hands.

How to become Volcanologist  is  to study hard about volcanoes. And you have to take it serious for who ever you are doing it for.

There is  many different characteristics you need to be as a volcanologist. You also need to be a You need to be a person that  strength in yourself.  You have to be courageble and you do it to save people in the whole wild world. It is also important  to love science so you can find interesting stuff about different volcanoes.

I would want to be a volcanologist but it would be frenzy so I would not do it .

Thursday, 6 August 2015



To be a fire fighter you have to have teamwork and be brave and honest.

        What does a fire fighter's job involve?

A fire fighter's job involves  attending accidents so if someone was trapped in a car they would get saved by ripping the car open. They also extinguish fires to protect  people that are in the house that is on fire. When they educate people they show them how to be fire smart and they are a role model.

            What do they wear?

Their clothing is important just like they are because it's fireproof. The suit is called a turn out  and it has lines that glow for the people to see who are in the fire. They have a breathing apparatus with an oxygen tank and also    they have masks.

How do you become a fire fighter?
To become a  fire fighter  you have to learn maths, literacy and writing. Fire fighters also have to sit physical   tests.

What Characteristics  do you need to be a fire fighter

The Characteristics that you need is to be well trained and have team work.  It is very important to have teamwork because  if you don't then you will not know what to do. You would be very be confused and be like so jealous because they saved the people that were in the house but not you.

How would I feel if I wanted to be a firefighter

If I wanted to be one I would be  really excited  and nervous at the same time because it would be my first time saving people. I would like to be one of them because it sounds like a rewarding thing to do.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

A boy that saves his two year old neighbour

Created   Wednesday  June 30 , 2015  

This is really odd a little boy called Zac Moran   saved his two year old neighbor  Penny   from going onto the motorway.  Her mum Helen Squires did not notice that her daughter  was crawling out to the  motorway.   After Penny got saved  helen was very happy and said how do I own you.  And Zac Moran said nothing because I am a superhero.

Vote if he should get a medal comment down below ?

                                     Yes or No

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Daisy's holiday

In the holidays my family and  I were very excited because my cousin and her mum were coming back from Australia. Last Sunday it  was Eliana (my cousins  birthday and she was already gone but that was ok because her birthday present was coming over to NZ.

As soon as my mum and dad had picked Eliana and her mum Ana up from the airport.I hugged my cousin really tightly. We still had a video and a picture of her family and us too. she made videos with her auntie it was really funny.

In a short while I showed Eliana the way then I just knew that she  had the Australia ancient. I already miss them so much. As they were going to leave  we had a little feast at my house.

And she really was sad because she was going and she did not want to go. But she had to because she lived there with her her mum and her aunties. I felt so sad that they went because me and Eliana always like to play together. Thank you for reading my story it was such a  pleasure.  
                             The end


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Goodbye miss Thompson we will miss you


What does Matariki mean

Matariki is based  on the seven sisters which is the  eldest sister called Matariki . It is an  important event for NZ. There are a lot of pleiades of the Seven stars . And there will be a   cluster of stars up in the dark blue sky. It will be a visible world so it is fear.

           How to see Matariki

In late May early June there will be a northeast horizon at half an hour before dawn.People will be looking up in the sky for the seven sisters. As you see the stars there would be a cluster of the stars.


          The maori new year

As the sun rises there will be a whole lot of things to get from the garden. You have put in there like Kumara,potato, and cabbage.  You will be calmed  there will be preparation for you ahead and time of remembrance.

      Another maori new year

Another thing to celebrate the maori new year what you could do is you can have feasts,and build kites so you can reach over to the seven sisters. Even you can have visitors to sing and dance. It will be like  a birthday presents  to all of the people that is there.