Thursday, 19 November 2015


85 million years  ago Tyrannosaurus  Rex  was the most famous carnivore in the cretaceous period.  Their name means Tyrant lizard king.  It was one of the most predator.

The T-Rex was a very big predator well some people think but let see if they are really bad predator.  So T-Rex is actually both because when they live their eggs they will take care of them and go kill other reptiles. There is another reason why they are  dangerous it is because   they always kill other dinosaurs for food to feed their family.

It looked like a scary rock trying to haunt my house by throwing more and more and more.  AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh a big monster called the T-Rex is gonna destroy the whole universe oh sorry so where were we oh yeah so people think that the T-Rex is the largest dinosaur but it isn’t because there is more dinosaur that is even bigger than T-Rex.  The T-Rex  Long sharp claws that can scratch your eyes out.

The T-Rex had a good sense of smell that goes up to their brain to help them get their prey. If they were in a room they could smell different kind of animals.  They also had the best sense of smell of any extinct animal on earth.  Their nostril are 10 inches apart.

Thier arms was only used for small thing to pick up.  They got found in Montana, china, texas, wyoming, utah. It’s bones was hollow  which means that.  They  only liked to live in hot places where the herbivore were so they could eat them up. It ate 500 pounds in one bite isn’t that AMAZING.

It was a fast runner even though it was a large dino.  It was the size of a school bus. It weigh 6 tons.  Their jaw was 1.2 meters long.  It was a tricky dinosaur that will only kill and kill and kill.

Today was fun learning about the T-Rex and also getting more and more interesting paragraphs.  It takes a lot of time to think and think but I think that I am brainy see I just thought of something that was a long time.   

         THE END

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