Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How have my holidays been up to?

Well my holidays has been amazing just doing chores isn't that wonderful yes it is. The thing I am really excited about is on Saturday we are going to my little cousins birthday she is turning 3 then my family is going to rotorua. It has been fine I have been helping my family do all these stuff and just making sure everyone is fine until we go to rotorua.

Monday, 26 September 2016

I have read another interesting book!

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Task Description: yes I have read another book and it was really interesting the good thing is that I really liked it and this is my second book I have read 3 more too go. I will be going to Rotorua as you know but my mum and dad has to work until it is saturday then we can go so unfortunantly we will be gong their just for on week.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

my duffy book was amazing!

 task description: I know I said on the other post that this is going to be my last one but I thought that when I go on my trip to rotorua maybe I can do some bloging to you guys and tell you guys how fun it was and how my duffy books are going. So far I have only read one book in one day can you beleive it well yeah I read it in one day. Now I only have 4 more to go but the book I read was so cool it was like a mystery book and I really love mystery books. If I were you I might want to get it. thanks for reading.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Pixel art drawings by me!!!!!

just so you know I actually made this here is the link if you really want to check and I just want to say bye because it is going to be the  school holidays!!!! I am really gonna miss you guys and my Chromebook this will be my last ever published of term 3.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

what I thought about holes

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my whole class got to watch holes yeah that right holes. if your think what a class watching a movie yeah we only had to watch it because our teacher is cool I was just joking we watched it because we read the book it was so cool. The movie was cool to but it didn't have as much as ideas as the book.

The book was so cool and it had more cool ideas about what happened and what it looked like. As I said the movie didn't have the same thing as the book but some people love the movie because they are to lazy to read so they want to watch. Also other people would be like " oh man the movie isn't as good as much as the book because the book had this and the movie had this" so yeah you know what I mean by the book different to the movie. 

So the most thing I liked out of the movie or the book I think it will have to be the book. The link to the movie is just below this paragraph thanks for reading!!!
movie holes

Space arcade dream!!!!

Space Arcade dream!!!
By Daisy

One day Lisa and Joey got a new space game from their uncle, because their uncle use to love space games too. The game was called space alien arcade, and as soon as they played it they had already liked it. It was getting dark they hadn’t eaten when they had a few snacks that night. Their mum and dad found out then told them to clean up, but Lisa and Joey chose not to. Joey and Lisa made a big mistake.

Task Description: This is just one paragraph of my story but here is the link if you like the story so far the link is below this paragraph. Thanks if you really liked it if you didn't then its alright maybe next time. thanks for reading!!!!

Friday, 9 September 2016

What are sports drinks

Walt: think critically about information.

Task Description: We had to read a lot of texts like a lot and then we made a copy of PMI which is right up there. After that we had to make a copy of something called sports drinks. We had to talk about what kind of ingredients are in it and who its mostly for.