Wednesday, 21 September 2016

what I thought about holes

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my whole class got to watch holes yeah that right holes. if your think what a class watching a movie yeah we only had to watch it because our teacher is cool I was just joking we watched it because we read the book it was so cool. The movie was cool to but it didn't have as much as ideas as the book.

The book was so cool and it had more cool ideas about what happened and what it looked like. As I said the movie didn't have the same thing as the book but some people love the movie because they are to lazy to read so they want to watch. Also other people would be like " oh man the movie isn't as good as much as the book because the book had this and the movie had this" so yeah you know what I mean by the book different to the movie. 

So the most thing I liked out of the movie or the book I think it will have to be the book. The link to the movie is just below this paragraph thanks for reading!!!
movie holes

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  1. Hi Daisy In your first letter I did not see a capital letter. The second sentence does not have a capital in the beginning of your second sentence. But you did well I like you story.