Friday, 28 October 2016

Into the cave!!

Walt: write a narrative
Walt: demonstrate understanding of a number of strategies and skills for writing
(for example, use of paragraphs, a range of sentence types, descriptive language, punctuation, spelling)
On the last day of school Lisa asked her friends Joey, Laura and James if they wanted to go on a trip to a waterfall because it was going to be the holidays. They all said yes after asking their parents. Laura’s mum said that since laura is going then she is going to. So they all went on the first day of the holidays.

When the time came james had to go with lisa, and joey had to go with laura. They were all so excited to see the waterfall when they got there it was sun burning hot. so they got ready to go, and put sunscreen on then got ready to go. Lisa’s mum grabbed lauren's hand (Laura’s mum) and told her what are you waiting for. Then she ran to the cave that led them to the waterfall. They all were wearing summer clothes and was reading to go to the waterfall.

They ran to the cave then Suddenly james fell into a weird place “help” james shouted. Lisa came running she asked him what happened? He answered he just fell. Lisa helped him out. James called the other but told Joey to tell the adults that they are going to hangout in the sun for a little while near the cars on the grass. Luckily the parents said it was alright and said for them to come in the water when they were too hot.

Lisa ran to the car for a shovel then started digging the hole that James fell in. Laura had to stay at the end where her mum was but not to close so when they ask them something she could just answer. Lisa was getting pretty tired but she got through the hole thing just in time. James said “it kind of looks like a secret passageway” Joey agreed. Lisa went down the stairs that led to a place full of gold “to bad for laura who can’t see this” said James. “I am right here”she answered lisa told her why are you here aren’t you meant to look out for our mums!! Laura told her that they fell asleep on their chairs.

“It is getting kind of dark” joey said. They all started looking at all different kinds of gold Joey even found 10 million dollars. They all started grabbing gold and money jewels all kind of good things. Until Joey grabbed something he thought it wasn’t stuck then he pulled it harder then finally grabbed it. The way out started to close!!! Laura was getting scared. “Hey I worked hard for that, very hard” Lisa said. They were yelling for help Joey even tried putting that thing back but it didn’t work. Luckily James still had the shovel in his hand he tried pushing the top of but it was too hard.

They managed to find their way out because James started digging and it led to the back of the waterfall they decided to have a swim. They all dived in and never went into places with a lot of gold ever again.

Task Description: This story was real tricky but I got though it. It may be kind of confusing but it is because I have never been in a cave before. Here is the image attribution right here. I just hope you like my story!!.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


 Task description: I just had to do poems that could describe and imagine the action from the character. So yeah it was fun doing verbs and adjectives. Hope you liked my poem presentation.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Today we went to ogo and agroventures

Today we went to a place called Ogo. Ogo is when there is a massive ball and inside that ball is another ball pretty weird. The ball inside is for you to sit in, which also has water. We had to push it towards the hill then we will start rolling around it it. First, my two older sisters and my oldest brother went in but they all went in one ball it was cool for them because they're close with each other.  My dad and little sister went in one ball together too, they rolled down the hill at the exact same time as my older siblings. While they went down they had to record themselves with a go pro camera one of them had to hold it . When they finished having their turn they sat in the spa and could go out any time . Finally it was our turn while we got in,  we were so happy, I think one of them sitting on me. Then straight after our turn we quickly ran in the spa because we were shivering. It was time to go and they said we could watch  our videos and buy it which we did.


Then we came to another place called agro adventures it was fun for me because everyone had one turn and I had two you will see why. When we got there, we saw lots of cool rides it was also hard to decide which one we wanted to have a try in. Their was this activity called shweeb, I wanted to go there until my mum said  if you try the free fall you could have two turn, one on this and one on another one. I was the only one who decided to do it. When I got in if felt like I was actually flying. There was a man was telling me what to do but you can't hear so you have to look at him and copy him. When everything finished they took a photo of me jumping in the air because they said I was a pro. Then my whole family went into pairs of three and went in the swoop. Swoop is when you go in groups of three and  have safety gear on you, then you will get put in the air very high.  Once you pull this cord it will feel like you just dropped it like a big swing but you have to lie down. It was really scary because once you get higher it makes you want to vomit but then it gets even more scary because my mum had to pull the cord  in the count of three and that is when it feel like a swing but higher  and bigger then a man said 3,2,1 pull the cord !!! Then my mum pulled it we went flying in the air to the left then right it was terrifying but I got through the hole thing but sometimes I closed my eyes. . That is how we had so much fun wait I never said oh never mind hope you have had fun too.

yesterday was fun just like today

Image result for the lugeThe luge
Yesterday me and my family went to this place called sky line but we were going to play the luge the luge was all the way to the other side. So we had to go in one of the gondola which was really scary let me talk to you about it. When we got their it looked very fun but I knew hat I would be terrified. After we payed and all of that we had to go on the car rides that take you to the other side which has the luge. The car ride thing was called the gondola my hole family got in one a man said for us to say cheese we all smiled while we were in the gondola. My whole family as really excited and. Riding in the gondola I was really scared because I was so high from the ground I felt like I was going to vomit but I didn't. when we finally made it we had to go this wall which said if you were up to the green part you can ride by yourself but if you were so short in the red one you will have to ride with an adult. As time passed by we had to try helmets on I wore the blue one the good thing was it was my favourite colour and it was the right fit.

It took a whole lot of time after lining up but then finally it was our turn I was so excited I know right I was excited lots of times. While we were driving I went to the scenic one which was just my practice. It was really easy to turn you just twist the stiring wheel right if you want to go right and you just turn the stiring wheel left if you want to go left to stop you pull it back. there were 20  rides I got to go three times. It was fun I didn't just go in the scenic I wen in the intermediate for my last two turns. I coulden't go in the advanced because it was to hard I saw a lot of people come back with sores so I only went in the intermediate. When everthing was over and we had so much fun we had to o back in the gondola half because before the gondola was shaking so I got super scared and said yeah go half and half people half and half. then we had such a fun day and went back home.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Holidays are almost done!! Yay

Because my holidays are nearly finished I just can't wait t go back to school. I know some people are like please I don't want to go back to school. I don't know why they say that I mean school is fun even when your friends are there too. I am just saying that holidays are fun just like school. In school you can do special things when you do something good. In holidays you do special things for no reason. So to me it is kind of the same because at school nothing goes wrong so we always do special things. Just can't wait till school time is on.

I thought maybe I should put one photo of me in the gaming room so when school starts I can remeber this.