Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Nice art

 The thing  I have learnt  about art is that it dosen't matter if you make mistakes because that is your art work.

What have you learnt about your own artistic talent you slow down with your work so that your work will be better.

The hardest thing that was hard for me was painting through small bits.

the thing that was best for me is that when ever I painted it was cool to make big stripes.

I can improve next time by slowing down when I'm excited.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Cape Reinga

Cape reinga is the most northern point in New Zealand it is a beautiful place to explore.From the light house you can see theta saman sea and the pacific oucan clash in a tidal race.From the light house you can see the White sands at the 90mile beach.

Able Tasman

 Able Tasman is located the North end of South Island it is in between Golden Bey and Tasman Bay.Able Tasman was named after a famous European man was who the first man of see  a beautiful so then he named it New Zealand and then he anchored

Golden Bay.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mitre Peak

Mitre Peak is a prominent peak at the bottom of Te wai pounamu  in Fjord National Park.It was named after a biships  hat it is just like a triangle,it is in South Island.
Mitre peak rises out of the water and is 2000m tall.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


These are photos I took showing some different fractions.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Anything - Manaiakalani Film Festival

 This is my class's entry for the Manaiakalani Film Festival

Manaiaklani Film festival

 Manaiakalani is a group of 11 schools they make learning better for kids and our families. Every year the Manaiakalani schools come together to hold a Film Festival which every school has the opportunity to enter as many movies as they like. In 2014 we had 100 movies entered! And now this year 2000 kids and teachers traveled to Sylvia Parks Hoyts Cinemas to enjoy this occasion. I loved it when we walked through into the huge theatre and it was dark. Seated our chairs the presenters practiced first then when all the kids were there we watched the real one that they were going to present .The first person that appeared on the nz's biggest Extreme Screen was a girl from Tamaki College. She introduced the event for us. So when my class came up the presenters were Justus and Ioane. When our movie started on the Extreme Screen I was laughing, but I laughed even more because my face was upside down and I was singing na na na na na na na. I was so so happy when my face was off the screen. However, my favourite part was when it showed my face up side down. My favourite movie was Fakebook because Kaycee took a photo of her and Gloria. I like selfies, they are funny. I am looking forward to next year’s Manaiakalani Film Festival so I can see some more funny movies. Well done to all those schools,kids and teachers who entered a movie in to the Film Festival it was an amazing celebration of our people that have came to the Film Festival.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The builders pet Daisy

Comparing -I compare  and contrast information in the text to make a judgment connecting-I find the answers in different places in the text and join this information together to make connections.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Explanation about the test

Have a good breakfast,sleep early,have a good smile in the morning

I am going to explain to you what you have to do to be ready for an important test.

When you have an important test then you have to go to sleep early.  When you are having a good sleep you would have a good smile on your face in the morning.  Your smile shows you are happy and ready.  If you are good at your learning then that means you have had a great smile,great breakfast,and a great morning to start the day.  

If you have had a good breakfast like weet-bix (but do not eat soggy weet-bix) this will help you to think.  So have good breakfast for your brain but if you don't eat nice breakfast then you will feel lazy when you sit your test.  So always eat healthy breakfast so you know what to do straight away.

So you can see why you have to wake up with a smile,have a good breakfast,and have a good sleep.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I can solve division problems with numbers up to100 by using reversing strategy, like 63\7=9 because 9 x7=63

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Division sharing

I can solve problems by making equal shares and linking them to 2 times 5 times 10 multplication facts

Sarah C Artist

Sarah C is an artist based on Mangawhai head.Her painting was painted on corrugated iron.Because the demand was on high, her paintings were all sold out.The people wanted paintings that could hang on the fence or in the garden.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Superhero Reflection

We have been learning to be creative, use our key competencies, work hard to overcome challenges and help others to be able to share our best. We have written a story and made a MTV to demonstrate this learning. This is a reflection all about my cool learning. I am Amazing!

My favourite movie was Javan and Justus and Faioso's

The reason why that movie was so good was because they had lots of different things and that different thing was when Javan jumped over the bricks because that was a different thing to mine.

The best part of my movie was when miss King, Isara and Levi was flexing their muscles.

The best thing about my group was when me and Naomi was drawing on the white boared because we were struggling to make things right.

My movie could have been better if I did my one things

Key Competencies:

I demonstrated self management by working hard and never giving up.

I demonstrated thinking when I told Naomi to tell miss King if she could flex her mussels.

I demonstrated participation by working hard of what I've did.

I demonstrated relating to others when I took a video of micala,and Gerald.

My movie was creative and exciting because I put in a video of me and Naomi writing on a white board betending that we have been struggling for all our life.
My Movie 3 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Friday 12th September 2014
Pt England School 
130 Pt England Rd
Pt England

Dear Hospice Shop,

The day when you gave us the books I was like so excited because when the books came, it was the day when my teacher shared the Duffy books out too.  Then Mrs Bush came inside and gave us some books. I got excited because my teacher Miss King showed us some pop up books that were my favourite.

Thanks once again for giving us more books.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Eating healthy food

It is important to eat healthy food because when you're little some people they eat junk food and
they could get fat witch is not good because when they grow up you would grow up with a huge tummy. 
When you put food into your mouth it helps you chew and swolow Food travels along a tube called the oesophagus. It then reaches the stomach this is like a stretchy bag.this is where the food is turned into liquid. The gooey liquid travels through a very long tube called the intestines the digested food passes into your blood,and goes where your body needs it .Any food that can't be digested becomes waste.

I think my audience should eat healthy food because it can help your bones and it gives you a healthy body. Eating healthy food is good, your brain would be switched on and your body could have good bones and you can feel happy.
It is not good eating unhealthy food because your brain won't be switched on and you would not think of learning and they won't be happy.

Topic Sentences

A topic sentence is the  first sentence in your paragraph.it tells your audience what you paragraph is all about.in this activity I have found the topic sentences and put the other sentences in Order.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Be nice

Today we did a class activity where we all had to think of something nice to say about each other.
We all had a piece of paper cello-tape to our backs.
This is my favourite thing someone said about me was:
"I like your shoes "

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Telling time

I am learning to read analogue time to the hour and half past.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The commonwealth games

The commonwealth  games helps to develop friendship and togetherness .
If you really want to play fair you have to coroperate with your group.
To work hard you will have to use your brain and help them.
Stop being people that won't even bother to talk to you.
If there's a person and their not even your culture you can still be their friend you can be friends with every boy or girl.
And if you see a person that looks nice the first word to say is hello because that is like a nice word to say to one and other.

10s and 1s hundred board

I have been learning to add and subtract 10s and 1s using a hundred board

Monday, 11 August 2014

Kahurangi Dance Crew

Today we had manuhiri/visitors come to our school from the Kahurangi Dance Company. These are my thoughts about the show.