Thursday, 2 July 2015


What does Matariki mean

Matariki is based  on the seven sisters which is the  eldest sister called Matariki . It is an  important event for NZ. There are a lot of pleiades of the Seven stars . And there will be a   cluster of stars up in the dark blue sky. It will be a visible world so it is fear.

           How to see Matariki

In late May early June there will be a northeast horizon at half an hour before dawn.People will be looking up in the sky for the seven sisters. As you see the stars there would be a cluster of the stars.


          The maori new year

As the sun rises there will be a whole lot of things to get from the garden. You have put in there like Kumara,potato, and cabbage.  You will be calmed  there will be preparation for you ahead and time of remembrance.

      Another maori new year

Another thing to celebrate the maori new year what you could do is you can have feasts,and build kites so you can reach over to the seven sisters. Even you can have visitors to sing and dance. It will be like  a birthday presents  to all of the people that is there.


  1. He Daisy i like your story because it is about matariki.I hope you go to William

  2. Hey Daisy I like your amazing story because you are talking about a special Maori new year for 2015. I hope you go to the Matariki light trail. All the best from Hinerangi. . .

  3. wow Dasiy that is a very long sentise i hope you went to Matariki

  4. Hi Daisy thats so cool how you wrote lot and lots of sentience i like it hope you enjoyed making this.
    By Zamera