Thursday, 30 July 2015

A boy that saves his two year old neighbour

Created   Wednesday  June 30 , 2015  

This is really odd a little boy called Zac Moran   saved his two year old neighbor  Penny   from going onto the motorway.  Her mum Helen Squires did not notice that her daughter  was crawling out to the  motorway.   After Penny got saved  helen was very happy and said how do I own you.  And Zac Moran said nothing because I am a superhero.

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Daisy's holiday

In the holidays my family and  I were very excited because my cousin and her mum were coming back from Australia. Last Sunday it  was Eliana (my cousins  birthday and she was already gone but that was ok because her birthday present was coming over to NZ.

As soon as my mum and dad had picked Eliana and her mum Ana up from the airport.I hugged my cousin really tightly. We still had a video and a picture of her family and us too. she made videos with her auntie it was really funny.

In a short while I showed Eliana the way then I just knew that she  had the Australia ancient. I already miss them so much. As they were going to leave  we had a little feast at my house.

And she really was sad because she was going and she did not want to go. But she had to because she lived there with her her mum and her aunties. I felt so sad that they went because me and Eliana always like to play together. Thank you for reading my story it was such a  pleasure.  
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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Goodbye miss Thompson we will miss you


What does Matariki mean

Matariki is based  on the seven sisters which is the  eldest sister called Matariki . It is an  important event for NZ. There are a lot of pleiades of the Seven stars . And there will be a   cluster of stars up in the dark blue sky. It will be a visible world so it is fear.

           How to see Matariki

In late May early June there will be a northeast horizon at half an hour before dawn.People will be looking up in the sky for the seven sisters. As you see the stars there would be a cluster of the stars.


          The maori new year

As the sun rises there will be a whole lot of things to get from the garden. You have put in there like Kumara,potato, and cabbage.  You will be calmed  there will be preparation for you ahead and time of remembrance.

      Another maori new year

Another thing to celebrate the maori new year what you could do is you can have feasts,and build kites so you can reach over to the seven sisters. Even you can have visitors to sing and dance. It will be like  a birthday presents  to all of the people that is there.