Thursday, 23 July 2015

Daisy's holiday

In the holidays my family and  I were very excited because my cousin and her mum were coming back from Australia. Last Sunday it  was Eliana (my cousins  birthday and she was already gone but that was ok because her birthday present was coming over to NZ.

As soon as my mum and dad had picked Eliana and her mum Ana up from the airport.I hugged my cousin really tightly. We still had a video and a picture of her family and us too. she made videos with her auntie it was really funny.

In a short while I showed Eliana the way then I just knew that she  had the Australia ancient. I already miss them so much. As they were going to leave  we had a little feast at my house.

And she really was sad because she was going and she did not want to go. But she had to because she lived there with her her mum and her aunties. I felt so sad that they went because me and Eliana always like to play together. Thank you for reading my story it was such a  pleasure.  
                             The end


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