Wednesday, 9 December 2015




Today Room 11 and 12 went kiwisport. When we got there we met Liz our coach. She told us ‘‘Before we get started we have to do some stretches’’, the first thing we had to do was the scoat digger it was like bending and lifting an elephant at the same time. After that we played a game called Volleyball.

Liz said ‘‘ Put your arms out straight and then put your right hand on your left hand and there you go now you can hit the ball. As we were getting started we had to choose a buddy my one was Naomi. When I hit the ball way up to the roof I imagined it was me trying to jump as a ballerina.

Finally the last game of today she didn’t tell us what it was called but it sure was fun. It was when you had to try ame for the chair and hit it on the seat. If you hit the chair you will get 1 point and if you hit the seat then you get 2 points. Altogether my team's point was 23.


Today was fun all the hard team work and also giggling. My favourite part of the day was when we played Volleyball because I hit the ball way up to the roof. Liz was a good coach. I enjoy having kiwisports.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Jewelry Raptor

Hmmm what does Jewelry Raptor mean? well let's find out. It is a dinosaur that always steals golden treasure that he finds. Their names means Jewelry robber it got it’s name by always stealing everything that were jewelry.

              Paragraph 1 : what it looked like

Standing on two feet only (biped) it could run really fast because it was so small but strong to hold heavy things. The Jewelry Raptor could hypnotize any animal that would try to kill them. It was the size of a bag but creepy.

                  Paragraph 2: habitat

It lived somewhere where there were more dinosaurs and more secret hiding spots where there were treasure. obviously they had to live somewhere where there were more water to keep them alive.  

               Paragraph 3: how they killed other animals

They used their claws to stab but if that wasn’t strong enough it would use it’s tail had special diamonds that if it gets angry then the diamonds pop out and kill the animal.  The reason why it had diamonds on it’s head was just to scare other dinosaurs away.

Paragraph 4: what they eat

What Jewelry Raptor ate was sea animals like fish and all kind of different sea animals that have scales because it is so shiny and delicious. It was really weird because it also ate the bone because their teeth were so strong that they were like jems.  

      Paraghaph 5; Concluson

It was really fun learning about Jewelry Raptor thank you for knowing what they ate and where they came from. This is are very interesting dinosaur oh sorry gotta go The End.