Thursday, 30 June 2016

Family facts

Walt: solve problems using decimals. numbers

Black storm and the smelly egg plant

Walt: write a setting description.
Black storm is a girl who has super powers she can heal and she can make big black storms. I mean duh why wouldn't she her name is called black storm yeah well anyway read this strange paragraph wait how about just read the whole thing.  

One day black storm was cruising down the street when she saw a eggplant walking, she was like I did not know eggplants could walk. As she got closer she couldn't see any mouth not even a face!!! Black storm couldn't believe she was going to talk the eggplant but she did any way. “ Hello little guy what are you doing out in the streets  aren't you supposed to be on people's plates for snacks and dinner or something” , the egg plant ran down path way saying I hate you I hate you person. Black storm  thought to herself oh it can talk?.

On that day black storm thought that the egg plant was lovely but freaky at the same time. Black storm went to the bank to get some money for the mall. Then that was she saw the egg plant again but when she said it was lovely she thought she had to take back those words and replace it with evil, because it was robbing the bank!!!. She said it was time for BLACK STORM!!!! She ripped off her clothes and out of nowhere she was wearing her uniform then that was then the storm came out it was a amazing entrance.  

As she stepped into the bank she saw the egg plant farting she said oh that is how it got away with it. Black storm saw a gas mask she grabbed it then she put it on. She used her powers by doing a storm and with the gas mask on there was no way the egg plant could have got away with it. As Black storm made lightening she forced it to come near the eggplant then the eggplant was roasted. Everyone cheered for her they all got their money back and black storm got to have a roasted eggplant.  

Task Description: we had to draw a character and obviously name it when we finished all of that we had to write a piece of writing about our drawing.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Setting description

Walt: write a setting description.
Task Description: We had to describe all of the images that we see. But we had to make sure that there were a lot of words to describe the images.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Bok choy

Walt: summarise stories and information.
Task Description: We had to read a book about bok choy. Then we had to make two reading task one is called Post card and the other is called our padlet. When we finished our padlet we had to move on to our post card and it is about pretending we were Ah sum he was a man in the story we had had to pretend we were Ah sum and write a leter to his family.

Post card

Walt: summarise stories and information.
Task Description: We had to read a book about bok choy. Then we had to make two reading task one is called Post card and the other is called our padlet. When we finished our padlet we had to move on to our post card and it is about pretending we were Ah sum he was a man in the story we had had to pretend we were Ah sum and write a leter to his family.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Family facts 6

Walt: solve problems using decimals.
 Task Description: We had to do family facts like we always, and you might see a lot of family facts on my blog. The thing is that t is good for us so that is why we always do family facts.


Walt: solve problems using decimals.
 Task Description: We had to do decimals and practice and practice and practice. Mostly every single day but it is also fun to do it.

Monster characters

Walt: write a character description.
  Task Description: We had to describe the photo so we don't actually no how their personality is but we just wrote what they looked like. We had to edit every slide after slide. The thing that I was really good at was describing and making people laugh. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Hine and the Moa

Her heart was pounding after being chased by a giant moa. As the sun went down she could still hear the heavy stomps coming from the moa. She didn’t know which way to go. Hine was searching for help, but no one came. Soon she decided to hide behind the trunk of a fallen tree.

After a while, Hine decided to take a peek. Suddenly the moa ran towards her. Hine was forced to run towards a river so that she could hide. Then she heard someone. It was a man named Sione from her village. “Why are you here aren’t you supposed to look after my dad?” Hine said. “I am here because the King said that I had to look for you” Sione replied. "After all you are the princess" he said. But Sione had forgotten the directions to get back home. "We need to find a way to get back to the tribal village before the moa comes back” Hine said. "Wait!! What if instead of it eating us what if we eat it?" Sione said.

Next, they both worked out a plan on the dusty cold sand and used rocks to show each other how they were going to attack it. So they made traps and both sat under a tree where the moa couldn't see them. Boom! The dangerous big moa tried to run but got stuck in the trap. “Hahahaha I told you it would work” said Sione. “

Finally they washed some leaves that they found on the ground, and cut open the moa. It smelt disgusting, but they decided to eat it anyway. Later that day they returned to their tribe. The king was so worried as he thought that Sione would not return with his daughter. Hine's father told her never to go in the forest alone ever again.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Teacher Assemble

1---avengers-age-of-ultron-133307.jpgWalt: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)
With a KA-POW!!! the ultrons try to destroy the city but the avengers come to save the day. The ultrons go for Thor but Thor hit his hammer with a BOOM!! And with one go the robot is destroyed. Captain America said “ Me, scarlet, Iron man and hulk smash will go for the Ultrons you guys try think of getting to there boss and lead him here. “Got it” said Hulk smash. While Hulk smash and quiksilver lead the ultrons boss here Scarlet can you try “looking around, and find the wires to these ultrons so it will be easier ok” said Captain America. Smash went Scarlet by using her wicked moves on two of the robots in one go “On it” Replied Scarlet.

BAM!!!! Hulk smash punched one of the ultrons ship to see if the boss was here Quiksilver was running as quick as flash to find the boss, but suddenly they heard something it was… Thor “what are you doing here”, cried Quiksilver “I am here to help Captain said”, cried Thor. “We need to him fast before he is up to something either making more ultrons or trying get people to obey him and destroy the whole world instead of the city”, said Thor. Bang!! Hulk smash cracked to more doors of the ship, but no one was there.

BOOM!!!! Went captain America after just destroying the last ultron, but then extremely more and more ultron's came and the bos was with them “Couldn't find them” cried Thor  “holey moley oh there is the boss” said quiksilver. Scarlet came back and said “ there is no wires or anything that is connected to them I think they are controlled by there demander. Thor cried “ why didn’t you tell me the boss was here and you guys didn’t even destroy all of the ultron”, “ no they just came now” said Iron man.

This is just how I planned the avengers standing in my sight, and my army destroying you. Said Iron man “Why are you doing this you know it a hole free world you can start over”   “I do but I rather have fun destroying” said poison demander. Suddenly one ultron thinks he can destroy the avengers by himself, but scarlet pulled his heart out with her powers. “Let do this” said Iron man and SMASH went hulk smash and punched 4 in a row. “I can get used to this” said quiksilver. WOW!! “I am gonna need a massage after this” said Iron Man.

Together the avenger destroy the ultron with POOF!! SLAM!! And a BANG!! Then it was the boss left “Oh no” said poison demander, and Scarlet pulled the boss's heart out and Thor throws his hammer on purpose just for fun.  “Hey captain can you give me a ride to the massage please ouch I think my back just clicked”, said Iron Man. Captain America said “ok buddy”, and the city was saved no one got hurt then all had a happy ending.
                      The end

TASK DESCRIPTION: We had to do a test and write our story about the movie but in our own words and if we knew what happened in the movie we still had to write it in our own words. When we finished he said " I was just joking you guys felt for it it wasn't a test but you guys worked really well.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Descriptive writing


Walt: solve problems using decimals.
 Task Description: We had to do decimals and I thoguht it was hard but I got through it and got some wrong but a least I tried.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mr Good wins new car

Walt: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)
On a nice sunny day when I was cruising through GI as I saw a mitsubishi car as black as night, and then I thought to myself I wonder who is in that car? I wished that I had such a cool car like that because it has 8 cosey seats. The person in that car was my teacher when I was looking towards his car I just recognised him, and I said to myself wow I didn’t know that he rock’s so hard when he listens to his jam. “Mr Goodwin I love your new car” I said  He replied and said “thanks it cost $6,789”. I thought wow I never knew he was that rich, and then the bell rang and I told my friends all about what had happened.

Task Description: We had to get into 3 groups and every three minutes we had to pass it onto the two other people in our group and do another sentences but it had to make sense.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Superhero story

Walt: write a narrative story.

In a city where superheroes lived and where no one could defeat them. Ordinary robots thought that it was time to destroy the city. Suddenly the heroes found out.

CRASH!!! Went the robots they thought they could get away with destroying the whole city, but then the avengers come to save the day. Captain America says “ Me and hulk will go for the robots you try and think about getting to their boss”. BOOM!! Hulk smash ran to grab a lamboginny “ I am sorry I have to do this but Aaaaaa” cried hulk smash and threw it to the robot.

Then more and more robots came “ Oh no I am certainly going to have a massage at the end of the day” exclaimed Captain America. While Captain America and Hulk went to destroy the robots Iron man and Thor tried to unplug the wires out of the technology ship. Black widow and hawkeye had to try and find the robots boss.

Black Widow and Hawkeye couldn't find him because he was wasn’t there until he knew that the avengers could destroy his robots and they did because people wouldn't think they couldn’t well that what the poison flare thought. KA-POW went Poison flare. The avengers all stood in a group looking at him “ Well well well if it isn’t the avengers” exclaimed Poison flare. “For a hundred years I have been wanting to destroy you and now this is the day I can finally do it” cried Poison flare.

BAM!! Went Thor and threw his hammer right at his face which smashed Poison flares face “Is it me or is he not as strong as we are? Said Hawkeye, “ nope yeah I think he is weak” exclaimed black widow. Together they all destroyed Poison flare and put him were all the villian were the deep dark forest. Nobody went there because you wouldn't want to help villain and you wouldn't want to be in big danger. After defeating the robots the avenger save the day and every one was all happy except for one more robot “ Oh there you are” said green arrow. The End

Task Description: We had to make up our own superhero story. We all had to think about putting explanation marks, complex sentences, speech marks and also question marks.