Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Superhero story

Walt: write a narrative story.

In a city where superheroes lived and where no one could defeat them. Ordinary robots thought that it was time to destroy the city. Suddenly the heroes found out.

CRASH!!! Went the robots they thought they could get away with destroying the whole city, but then the avengers come to save the day. Captain America says “ Me and hulk will go for the robots you try and think about getting to their boss”. BOOM!! Hulk smash ran to grab a lamboginny “ I am sorry I have to do this but Aaaaaa” cried hulk smash and threw it to the robot.

Then more and more robots came “ Oh no I am certainly going to have a massage at the end of the day” exclaimed Captain America. While Captain America and Hulk went to destroy the robots Iron man and Thor tried to unplug the wires out of the technology ship. Black widow and hawkeye had to try and find the robots boss.

Black Widow and Hawkeye couldn't find him because he was wasn’t there until he knew that the avengers could destroy his robots and they did because people wouldn't think they couldn’t well that what the poison flare thought. KA-POW went Poison flare. The avengers all stood in a group looking at him “ Well well well if it isn’t the avengers” exclaimed Poison flare. “For a hundred years I have been wanting to destroy you and now this is the day I can finally do it” cried Poison flare.

BAM!! Went Thor and threw his hammer right at his face which smashed Poison flares face “Is it me or is he not as strong as we are? Said Hawkeye, “ nope yeah I think he is weak” exclaimed black widow. Together they all destroyed Poison flare and put him were all the villian were the deep dark forest. Nobody went there because you wouldn't want to help villain and you wouldn't want to be in big danger. After defeating the robots the avenger save the day and every one was all happy except for one more robot “ Oh there you are” said green arrow. The End

Task Description: We had to make up our own superhero story. We all had to think about putting explanation marks, complex sentences, speech marks and also question marks.

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