Thursday, 23 March 2017

Bug dresciptions

Walt: use different vocabulary in our writing. 

Task Description: What we did first was read articles and watch videos about our bugs. Then we had to write things about it and describe about what our bug looked like and what they do. And finished it off.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Math problems

Walt: solve multiplication problems.

Another ( maybe the best) Ambassador interview ever ( N4L Vistors!)

It happened again. The Ambassador got to go to the City so we didn't have to stay at our school and do a presentation there, we did it in the City.

These people made me laugh, smile and me made me love them too much. They were so nice that they gave us thank you cards that had a 30 dollar movie gift card. I was mind blown and was just too lucky for this.  Also thank you to Will who gave it to me and not only him also Mrs Stuart. And all of the others. I hope to meet these exciting people again. ( Photos )


I invented a new insect

Screenshot 2017-03-21 at 10.30.37 AM.pngA Cradashia is very easy to attack people. In many ways if you touch it in a hard way it will turn orange and that is how you know it is scared. If you try to kill it it will turn red and attack butterflies may be harmless but this one isn’t. It lives in cold places with trees.  As you know already it is sometimes gentle but at other times it can get really angry easily.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Bike saftey

Walt: make connections across multiple texts. 

Today we got a surprise from our teacher.  5 of us that got picked to go out on the bike track. It was Awesome!

First we had to sit down and talk about the important things you need. Your shoes, and your helmet. I really learnt a lot about shoes which was you Have to wear closed shoes not Sandals and not bare feet, otherwise your feet might get grated, just like a cheese on a cheese grater. I learnt that when you buy a helmet you should always check if there is a sticker that say certified product. Before you ride you must always check when you hold it a little tight that it doesn't have cracks, and you have the straps done up properly.

Riding on the bikes was really fun. I had to make sure that when some one is at the front of me, that I have made enough room for them to come in case they are going to stop. We also learned how to stop safely, by using both brakes.

 My favourite part of the day was when I was riding and got to the zig zaged bridge. I accidentally stopped and made my friend Naomi fall. No one cried or was hurt, but we did laugh.

Task Description: 5 people got picked and I was one of them. We talked about what we had to do before we got to ride on the bikes. When we finished the lesson about our foot wear, Helmet, obviously checking our bike and we also just talked about safety tips. The we got to ride!