Saturday, 22 April 2017

How my holidays are going!

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So today my mum told me that me and my sister will be singing a song for my uncle David. I was so excited that I thought my mind was going to blow up. Then I asked her ummm... So what day mum? and her answer was the first week of holiday. Then that when I told my sister um why is she telling us then that is like to weeks away, but I practiced anyway.  I singed and singed until I just got sick of it, and that is how excited I was. I just couldn't wait that I.. I.... ok yeah I sang all day. What did you guys do in the holidays?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Image atribution

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Goodbye viewers

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Goodbye viewers! Today it is obviously the last day of school. I won't be blogging in the holidays, it is because I have nothing to blog with. Just in case stay tuned, because you never know if I can just come on magically. I will miss my chrome book and this class. Hope you have an amazing holiday!


Estuaries and Ecosystem

Walt: synthesise information from across multiple texts.

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This term I learnt about ecosystems and right now I have figured out what estuaries mean.  An ecosystem is a food web that shows what theses animals do to help our environment. So for example Birds help us in many ways so what birds do is it would eat seeds, and then it would actually poop and make trees. If there is more trees than there is more insects. So this year I actually made bird feeders, because no birds than no trees.  Back to estuaries, estuaries is when there is fresh water coming together with the salt water.

Task Description: I was actually meant to do a movie, but since it is the end of the year I couldn't use the I macs. So instead I had to do a blog post about estuaries and ecosystems. I was really upset that I couldn't do the movie, but the good thing is that I managed to do it properly. This script will be coming out in my movie next term. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

M.I.T ( Manukau. Institute. Technology )

As being an Ambassador we got to go to M.I.T.  I was so happy that we got to go on another trip. I had a lot of funon the van and at M.I.T. I would also like to say thank for the lollies that they gave us. And I would also like to say thank you to the teachers.

Maori tribe group

Extension maori tribe movie

This is a DLO (Digital Learning object) that I had created with others in my extention class. The group that I was in was the Maori tribe group. The Maori tribe group represents all the cultural people and how they handle there pollution in there areas. Some people say that the cultural people does not have to deal with pollution, but do they? Anyways here is the movies we made. Thanks and enjoy.   

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Paidea seminar

In extension we had a Paidea semina. Which is when you get a task for example maori tribe that was my group. And in each group you have to focus on one thing I was focusing on what maori people used for medicien and shelter all those kinds of things. Then once we had all that information it was time to do the  Paidea semina. So a Paidea semina  is basically a argument but a friendly argument.

I really enjoyed doing the Paidea semina  because it really helped me to understand more about pollution. And it made me think about what are the problems that re happening and that we need to fix. Have you ever did a argument before?