Thursday, 10 August 2017

Great school

So today has come! my friends has told me over and over to blog about them. So hear it is! Anyways I actually don't mind this school like I actually love it here. but I will always love pt england school too! My new friends are a amazing their names are Amira ( She has been waiting for this!), Tayla ,Izzy ,Devon,Riley,Riley 2 and a lot of other friends! which is good. I still miss Pt England, but my new friends will try their best to make me feel the way I felt there. There has been amazing things happening during the
past few weeks we have been dancing we also played kio rahi! a lot of new things have been coming up. They also have there own school swimming pool! I mean we won't be able to swim this term because it is still a bit cold, but at least we get to swim at summer time! and it turns out that my new school only use I pads! I mean thats still cool at least we have devices. The thing is I miss my chrome book when I have to learn, but I will try my best to get use to it! My new friends are amazing, but I still miss my old friends!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

It's finally snowing!!!

                                   ( I took this photo on m couch because my chrome book would of got damaged out in that weather! )
Last night we were all just playing cards until my grandpa came in and said  " did you see the snow ?" and we were all like what snow? and as soon as we opened the curtains we were laughing with joy!. This was our first ever time getting the chance to see snow.

So this morning my nana said that we could go outside to play! I was so happy especially when we played snow ball fight! We took pictures and videos all of us enjoyed it! If you have never had it snow in your place before I hope you would be lucky enough to go to a place where it can actually snow!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

moving away

Hi so i'm leaving the best school that I have knew in my life. I didn't want to but yeah everyone from that school was so nice on my last day I cried for ages because they gave me presents, surprises even a video everyday I at least pray to come back. I am also happy that I have this blog and chrome book to write story and things like that. I miss my sisters Jorelle, Amelia, Naomi, Makayla, paikea and trendy. All those girls are the girls that took of me while I was there. I miss all of them right now even the teachers I also miss the boys all as brothers because all of them felt like family to me. If anyone is reading this and you come to my school just so you know I love you and miss you!

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Walt: think critically about what we read.

Task Description: Today I had to actually do a task about newspaper which was about a story that I read. So when I finished that I wen ton to this one this took me a long time to finish, but at least I managed to finish it. Any ways hope you enjoyed!

Newspaper article

Walt: think critically about what we read

Task Description:  What we did was read a story which was supposed to be the link which says website. You might have found out that none of the links work well that is because we had trouble trying to fix it but sorry. Anyway I really hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Kayak Jingle

Walt: make connections with what we already know with what we read.

Task description: This task was actually really fun. I had to do another Jingle which was just like my other one which was about washing powders. That jingle was fun too! I really enjoyed this that I couldn't even do my own beat so I got my friend to do it for me! I really enjoyed this hope you did too!