Wednesday, 20 May 2015

hockey sand balls

   1. sand (the sand is at the beach)

  2.  an ordinary fat stick


  3.water   (clean water)
  4.small round balls  but soft ones

  5.  make towers with the sand that you have

  6. and the most important thing is people

The aim is to try and hit the balls with the a ordinary  fat stick  over the tower that you are supposed to make.

Are there different positions?  no

What are the rules?  The rules are you are not allowed to hit the tower. If you made your tower you have to make holes through it.

How does the game start?  So you have to go in a line and and if you did the right thing then you have to stand next to it and if the other person wins then you have to go back to the line

Friday, 15 May 2015

Daisy and Naomi marshmallow

On a cloudy starless night there was a solitary boy roasting marshmallows on a sizzling fire. You could see the orange glow while hearing   the lake gently lapping on the shore.  He  was in the forest  but in a spot that  did not have any tall and towering  trees surrounding him.

Suddenly a big monster  came  quietly sneaking behind Jimmy while  he  was still roasting his marshmallows.  Jimmy heard  a horrible growling noise and looked at the back of him. He got scared because he saw the scary monster. It had   

Trying to defend himself Jimmy held out his marshmallow  on a stick  out like a sword to protect himself. As quick as lighting  the monster stretched his tongue out and gulped up the marshmallow in one slurp. The monster transformed into a nice monster and performed tricks  like a puppy to get more marshmallows.      

Jimmy gasped. He had found out that he had the last marshmallow. Oh!no! Cautiously Jimmy slowly held out his marshmallow then the monster slurped  up it with his long pink tongue.

When Jimmy ran he stumbled to his pillow and  defended himself it with.When Jimmy held the pillow up the monster thought that the pillow was a big marshmallow .

As Jimmy had the pillow the big fat monster  thought that the pillow was marshmallow heaven  then the boy ran away  the the monster tried   to  roast the pillow but the pillow puffed into ashes.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Anzac parade

At  the dawn parade there were thousands of people at the Auckland  museum. Well  everyone  stood still the old soldiers came marching through with there   poppies and there medals . The dawn service  was for the old soldiers that fought for us. It was  before the rising of the sun came up.

Mayor of Auckland Len Brown recited a poem listened respectfully in remembrance  laid a wreath. There was a man that played a bugle and It was called  the  last post and thousands of people stood silently  while dawn was breaking.

In the morning we will remember them.