Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Hine and the Moa

Her heart was pounding after being chased by a giant moa. As the sun went down she could still hear the heavy stomps coming from the moa. She didn’t know which way to go. Hine was searching for help, but no one came. Soon she decided to hide behind the trunk of a fallen tree.

After a while, Hine decided to take a peek. Suddenly the moa ran towards her. Hine was forced to run towards a river so that she could hide. Then she heard someone. It was a man named Sione from her village. “Why are you here aren’t you supposed to look after my dad?” Hine said. “I am here because the King said that I had to look for you” Sione replied. "After all you are the princess" he said. But Sione had forgotten the directions to get back home. "We need to find a way to get back to the tribal village before the moa comes back” Hine said. "Wait!! What if instead of it eating us what if we eat it?" Sione said.

Next, they both worked out a plan on the dusty cold sand and used rocks to show each other how they were going to attack it. So they made traps and both sat under a tree where the moa couldn't see them. Boom! The dangerous big moa tried to run but got stuck in the trap. “Hahahaha I told you it would work” said Sione. “

Finally they washed some leaves that they found on the ground, and cut open the moa. It smelt disgusting, but they decided to eat it anyway. Later that day they returned to their tribe. The king was so worried as he thought that Sione would not return with his daughter. Hine's father told her never to go in the forest alone ever again.

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