Thursday, 30 June 2016

Black storm and the smelly egg plant

Walt: write a setting description.
Black storm is a girl who has super powers she can heal and she can make big black storms. I mean duh why wouldn't she her name is called black storm yeah well anyway read this strange paragraph wait how about just read the whole thing.  

One day black storm was cruising down the street when she saw a eggplant walking, she was like I did not know eggplants could walk. As she got closer she couldn't see any mouth not even a face!!! Black storm couldn't believe she was going to talk the eggplant but she did any way. “ Hello little guy what are you doing out in the streets  aren't you supposed to be on people's plates for snacks and dinner or something” , the egg plant ran down path way saying I hate you I hate you person. Black storm  thought to herself oh it can talk?.

On that day black storm thought that the egg plant was lovely but freaky at the same time. Black storm went to the bank to get some money for the mall. Then that was she saw the egg plant again but when she said it was lovely she thought she had to take back those words and replace it with evil, because it was robbing the bank!!!. She said it was time for BLACK STORM!!!! She ripped off her clothes and out of nowhere she was wearing her uniform then that was then the storm came out it was a amazing entrance.  

As she stepped into the bank she saw the egg plant farting she said oh that is how it got away with it. Black storm saw a gas mask she grabbed it then she put it on. She used her powers by doing a storm and with the gas mask on there was no way the egg plant could have got away with it. As Black storm made lightening she forced it to come near the eggplant then the eggplant was roasted. Everyone cheered for her they all got their money back and black storm got to have a roasted eggplant.  

Task Description: we had to draw a character and obviously name it when we finished all of that we had to write a piece of writing about our drawing.

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