Thursday, 30 July 2015

A boy that saves his two year old neighbour

Created   Wednesday  June 30 , 2015  

This is really odd a little boy called Zac Moran   saved his two year old neighbor  Penny   from going onto the motorway.  Her mum Helen Squires did not notice that her daughter  was crawling out to the  motorway.   After Penny got saved  helen was very happy and said how do I own you.  And Zac Moran said nothing because I am a superhero.

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  1. Hi Daisy its me Amelia and i think Mr Moran should get a medal. Because he is a good live saver. That is a valuable job Daisy. Thank you for showing me your job.
    BFF: Amelia. :>

  2. Hi Dasiy its me sanne What a interesting story about Mr Moran and miss squries
    and thank you for showing