Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Eating healthy food

It is important to eat healthy food because when you're little some people they eat junk food and
they could get fat witch is not good because when they grow up you would grow up with a huge tummy. 
When you put food into your mouth it helps you chew and swolow Food travels along a tube called the oesophagus. It then reaches the stomach this is like a stretchy bag.this is where the food is turned into liquid. The gooey liquid travels through a very long tube called the intestines the digested food passes into your blood,and goes where your body needs it .Any food that can't be digested becomes waste.

I think my audience should eat healthy food because it can help your bones and it gives you a healthy body. Eating healthy food is good, your brain would be switched on and your body could have good bones and you can feel happy.
It is not good eating unhealthy food because your brain won't be switched on and you would not think of learning and they won't be happy.

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