Thursday, 25 September 2014

Superhero Reflection

We have been learning to be creative, use our key competencies, work hard to overcome challenges and help others to be able to share our best. We have written a story and made a MTV to demonstrate this learning. This is a reflection all about my cool learning. I am Amazing!

My favourite movie was Javan and Justus and Faioso's

The reason why that movie was so good was because they had lots of different things and that different thing was when Javan jumped over the bricks because that was a different thing to mine.

The best part of my movie was when miss King, Isara and Levi was flexing their muscles.

The best thing about my group was when me and Naomi was drawing on the white boared because we were struggling to make things right.

My movie could have been better if I did my one things

Key Competencies:

I demonstrated self management by working hard and never giving up.

I demonstrated thinking when I told Naomi to tell miss King if she could flex her mussels.

I demonstrated participation by working hard of what I've did.

I demonstrated relating to others when I took a video of micala,and Gerald.

My movie was creative and exciting because I put in a video of me and Naomi writing on a white board betending that we have been struggling for all our life.
My Movie 3 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

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  1. Daisy, you and Naomi demonstrated such great key competencies while working on this movie. You also learnt so much about how to create and edit a movie. I am very proud of your work and creativity.