Thursday, 6 October 2016

yesterday was fun just like today

Image result for the lugeThe luge
Yesterday me and my family went to this place called sky line but we were going to play the luge the luge was all the way to the other side. So we had to go in one of the gondola which was really scary let me talk to you about it. When we got their it looked very fun but I knew hat I would be terrified. After we payed and all of that we had to go on the car rides that take you to the other side which has the luge. The car ride thing was called the gondola my hole family got in one a man said for us to say cheese we all smiled while we were in the gondola. My whole family as really excited and. Riding in the gondola I was really scared because I was so high from the ground I felt like I was going to vomit but I didn't. when we finally made it we had to go this wall which said if you were up to the green part you can ride by yourself but if you were so short in the red one you will have to ride with an adult. As time passed by we had to try helmets on I wore the blue one the good thing was it was my favourite colour and it was the right fit.

It took a whole lot of time after lining up but then finally it was our turn I was so excited I know right I was excited lots of times. While we were driving I went to the scenic one which was just my practice. It was really easy to turn you just twist the stiring wheel right if you want to go right and you just turn the stiring wheel left if you want to go left to stop you pull it back. there were 20  rides I got to go three times. It was fun I didn't just go in the scenic I wen in the intermediate for my last two turns. I coulden't go in the advanced because it was to hard I saw a lot of people come back with sores so I only went in the intermediate. When everthing was over and we had so much fun we had to o back in the gondola half because before the gondola was shaking so I got super scared and said yeah go half and half people half and half. then we had such a fun day and went back home.

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