Saturday, 24 September 2016

my duffy book was amazing!

 task description: I know I said on the other post that this is going to be my last one but I thought that when I go on my trip to rotorua maybe I can do some bloging to you guys and tell you guys how fun it was and how my duffy books are going. So far I have only read one book in one day can you beleive it well yeah I read it in one day. Now I only have 4 more to go but the book I read was so cool it was like a mystery book and I really love mystery books. If I were you I might want to get it. thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Daisy
    I am so pleased to see you blogging in the holidays. And especially about what you have been reading. Well done. Enjoy your time in Rotorua.

    Mrs Burt

    1. Thanks Mrs Burt
      for commenting on my blog I have had a great time in rotorua and my books are really interesting and just amazing. Hope you can comment on more of my post.


  2. sorry i was meant to say I am ging to have a great time in rotorua