Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How have my holidays been up to?

Well my holidays has been amazing just doing chores isn't that wonderful yes it is. The thing I am really excited about is on Saturday we are going to my little cousins birthday she is turning 3 then my family is going to rotorua. It has been fine I have been helping my family do all these stuff and just making sure everyone is fine until we go to rotorua.


  1. What an exciting start to your holidays Daisy. I hope you enjoy Rotorua. Glad you hear you are helping out your family, great job! Which book are you going to read next?

  2. thanks Mr Goodwin
    I really love the books and my family has been goo as because it is saturday we are going to my littlecousins birthday hich is a good start and then rotorua. My next book will be the wonderful wizard of oz and I read t it was so interesting and as you know it was different to the movie just like the hole book.

    thanks for commenting on my blog

    1. Cool that you can compare the movie to the book. Which do you prefer?

  3. I think it will ave to be the book because it had more cool ideas.

    tanks for commenting