Thursday, 12 November 2015

Film festival

On Wednesday  Pt England went to  maniakalani film festival. Before we got there we had to check if anyone needed to go toilet or for a drink. After that we saw a bus and got in. WOW!!! we are at Sylvia park  it was like heaven full of film.

When we got there we watched a lot of movies but there was not that much time to watch more. our movie was called  Stay Young  and the presenter were Amelia and  Chastyti  I was proud of them. My favourite movie was stay young because everyone was happy and it was the right song for our  class.

My 2 favourite  was Kung Fu fighting  because they learnt  smooth Kung fu moves.  They had powerful confidence in their self. I was going to cry because of all the hard work that Pt England did.

And finally last but not least He maori ahau  because they had people to do the pukana. It was also funny because they did funny fashels. They were like jokers having fun with their faces.

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