Tuesday, 17 November 2015



Ankylosaurs was the most dangerous dinosaur I could ever read about. Ankylosaurs is in the cretaceous period. They use to live in south america. Ankylosaurs means stiff lizard.

Ankylosaurs had they had bony bits jutting out they were also toothless. It had spikes for protection that was like an armor. Their eyelids are bony plates. It has 4 legs that means it is a quadruped. At the end of it’s tail was like a sledgehammer.  

Ankylosaurs were slow walker but fast thinkers that can use their tail to wack wack and wack. If there was danger they could just use their tail and hit them like a hot air balloon flying up while a dinosaur is popping it.

Ankylosaurs was 8.9m long and was 4 tuns. It was 8.5 meters wide and It was the size of a school bus. It was a herbivore that wasn't afraid of anything. It could snap more than 45  degrees in any directions. Their tail was 4 feet long  but was strong. They had bony bits jutting.


Ankylosaurs is a very dangerous dinosaur that no one can ever kill. For now on my favourite dinosaur is Ankylosaurs because it is a very interesting dinosaurs.

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