Thursday, 29 October 2015


Today  room 11 and 12 were lining up to play athletes. Before we got started we had to talk to  Miss King about what kinds of things we were going to play. The first thing she said was, ‘‘ There is a moon hopper that is like a cushion filled with air, hurdles that you can jump over and you will see all the different kind of things to play with’’. Then we got started and the first thing room 11  did was the relay.

The first relay was throwing the equipment. We all had a turn. When I had a turn I saw a lot of equipment. There was a sock ball,tennis ball,heavy ball that weighs a lot and last but not least a funny little sack. I picked the heavy ball and it soared through the air. I never knew it would go that far.

Boom!!! The bell went which was the sign for us to move on to the next activity. Our next activity was basketball. I was so excited. We had to get into teams. As soon as it was my turn I got it in and we kept on going until the bell rang. I saw Amelia and she is good at shooting but then when she had a shot it got stuck into the corner. It looked like a small little pig that was screaming help!!!

Finally our last activity was the sack race. It was when you have to get into the sack and hop as fast as you can. I had a turn but when I had a turn I bounced up and down like a baby bird trying to fly up to the sky. Ms Squires said, ‘‘If you want to have fun you have to  cooperate and also encourage one another.''

It was very fun today because I got to learn about what it was like if you help each other and encourage everyone you know. My favourite part of the day was when we got to do the sack race because I coorporated and encouraged my friends. I felt extremely happy because now I know If you're in a team you can have fun if you work together.

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