Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non- stop cricket


On a cold shivering day room 11 and 12 played a game called Non- stop cricket. Then we finally started so  I sprinted into my places. As soon as we started I hit the ball furiously.



I was so happy that my cheeks was about to pop because Miss Squires said ’’ Rm 11 is batting and Rm 12 is fielding ‘‘which made me happy because my favourite thing about cricket is batting. With excitement I hit the ball as hard as I could then it went all the way to Nytram he caught it and put on the cone. When we were done batting it was time to field.


When I finished my turn batting we also had a turn to field. I was trying to catch the ball but it flew across my head. Then suddenly Ayla hit the ball  with excitement so I caught it and  sprinted towards the cone and put it down.


As went back to class we just noticed that we were warm because we were being active while we were playing . My favourite part of the day was when I hit the ball and it flew all the way to Nytram. And  that is what Non- stop cricket is like when you give it a go.

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