Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fireman David

On friday a real firefighter called David visited the year threes and the year fours. He came to talk about what they do, how do you become one, what they wear, and why you might want to be one. When he started telling us about himself we had ideas and asked him questions so we could know more about him. Now we all know  what to do if we want to be a firefighter.

Fireman David uses different kinds of equipment depending on what they are  doing. He told us that their hoses and tools  go   in the truck. They  also have helmets with lights to see in the hot smoke because the smoke will make the house be too pitch black dark. Fireman David said that the fire truck is just like a tool box with wheels.

David explained to us that  to become a firefighter is a very hard job. He said that he ran up and down the stairs with his kid on his back so he could be fit. You also have to have teamwork so that  everyone in your team has something to do.

Firefighters do different kind of jobs depending on what their rolls are. They have to be reliable  so they can come and help you. Fireman David said that When you help people from burning cars or houses you have to have team work and be organised.

To be honest I wouldn't want to be a firefighter because it sounds really scary. It would be my worse nightmare. If you want to be a fireman or firewoman you can get more information from this story that I wrote.  

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