Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Better work stories

In the future my aspiration is to be a singer. I want to be a singer because I think that I have got a nice voice.  I really love to sing so if you want to be a singer you should  probably read this to get more information.

If you want to be a singer you would have to practice and practice and practice !!! .Singers travel around the world to see who would be a famous singer.  Singers also record so people can listen to their brand new songs. To become a singer you have to have a talent.

Singers wear everyday clothes. But they are also fashionable clothes so you got that swag.  They also need a variety of things for special people who have nice voices. They wear gold too and it looks very shiny.  Their shoes are so swag that you would be like that is so coooooool.

To become a singer you have to have moves and be into action for what song you are doing.  You also have to stop and think and be enterprising. It is important for you to have be encouraging and be organised.  You also need to be hard working and think big.

If I was a  singer I would be proud of myself and be so surprised. What would you do if you wanted to be a singer?

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