Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross country

On Monday afternoon Pt England School had cross country. We had to get changed into our house colour clothes. To start off with, the year ones ran first all the way up to the year eights. When the year fours had to start I was really nervous and my heart was pounding so hard that I was about to throw up. As soon as we started Mr Burt and Mrs Vaafusuaga told us the instructions then we had to wait for the signal.

Slam! Went the clapper as the year four girls sprinted off with energy to burn. As soon as we started there was mud splattering on most of the girls t-shirts. Everyone was cheering for lots of people and it was like an enormous mouse trying to fight over the cheese.

Right ahead I saw a lot of teachers that were encouraging us to keep running all the way. Halfway I was gasping for breath like I was going to die. There was girls right in front of me and there was heaps of girls at the back of me too.

I felt nervous when we started and then I steadied into a jog. When I came close to the finish line I was exhausted. The next day I felt like I didn't want to come to school.

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