Thursday, 6 August 2015



To be a fire fighter you have to have teamwork and be brave and honest.

        What does a fire fighter's job involve?

A fire fighter's job involves  attending accidents so if someone was trapped in a car they would get saved by ripping the car open. They also extinguish fires to protect  people that are in the house that is on fire. When they educate people they show them how to be fire smart and they are a role model.

            What do they wear?

Their clothing is important just like they are because it's fireproof. The suit is called a turn out  and it has lines that glow for the people to see who are in the fire. They have a breathing apparatus with an oxygen tank and also    they have masks.

How do you become a fire fighter?
To become a  fire fighter  you have to learn maths, literacy and writing. Fire fighters also have to sit physical   tests.

What Characteristics  do you need to be a fire fighter

The Characteristics that you need is to be well trained and have team work.  It is very important to have teamwork because  if you don't then you will not know what to do. You would be very be confused and be like so jealous because they saved the people that were in the house but not you.

How would I feel if I wanted to be a firefighter

If I wanted to be one I would be  really excited  and nervous at the same time because it would be my first time saving people. I would like to be one of them because it sounds like a rewarding thing to do.

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