Thursday, 4 August 2016


The fastest men in the whole wide world were racing on the 100 meter track. With the audience cheering loudly in the Olympic stadium, the athletes were showing off their moves. Some were saying their last prayers before it was time to start. As soon as the competitors heard “on your marks”  they all went towards the starting blocks.

With the words “get set” the men’s lifted up their bottoms. After hearing “get set” the competitors got ready with determination. The gun went off and all the athletes sprinted their way down the racing track trying their best to come first. Usain Bolt won the race. Cameras were flashing as he made his way down the track.

As Usain Bolt finished his race he went down to the audience clapping their hands the crowd went wild. The race was finished cameras were filming Usain bolt. Usain Bolt And Yohan Blake were holding up their country's flag.

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