Thursday, 28 July 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics

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For 4 years I have been training and now the time has come. The time when I get to compete in the OLYMPICS. As time pass by I have been training knowing that I am a champion. Now the time has come for me to face other countries and represent New Zealand.

To compete in the olympics you have to be good at something like for example I am good at the hurdles. So you will have to face other people that you don’t even know. The sport that I will  be playing is hurdles if you don’t know what that is it is when you have a race and in that race there are high obstacles that you can leap over who ever makes it to the finish line first wins. I picked the hurdles because it isn’t that hard for me because all you do is just  jump and sprint to get to the finish line. If I come 2nd or 3nd I would still be happy because at least I made it that far.

Competing in the olympics I am going to represent NZ because I was born in New Zealand and I am doing it for my family who are in NZ. Another reason is because in New Zealand there are a lot of famous sport players and one day I want to be just like them. I would like to represent NZ because I am doing it for people in my family who has past away. Hurdles for me it has been an awesome sport so that's why I would rather play that sport then different ones.

If I was competing in the olympics I would be so excited because I mean come on it’s the olympics. But if I was there I would be proud and excited at the same time I would also be nervous. To be competing in the olympics it would be a miracle to me I mean I have been training for this just for 4 years. I think if I was there it would be kind of weird because you're competing different kinds of countries and you wouldn't know if they're good or not.

Image result for olympics five ringGoing to the olympics would be AMAZING but how would you feel if you were going to the olympics rio 2016? To all those people who are representing NZ I give a shout to them and say that you can do this never give up because you are a champion. Just so you know if I came 2nd or 3nd I should be proud of myself because at least I came a place but if I came 1st well some people say that is my dream but not really I just want people to know that there are other people in the world that are talented.

Task Description: We had to do our plan and think about vocab because you know we have a lot of cool ideas in our head. Then as a class we did our introduction. After that we finished it off by our self's.

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