Friday, 8 July 2016

My Duffy book

My book is called book uncle and me and it is about two people and there is one person who has an uncle and he loves to read books. Her uncle loves books so much but there was one book that he really loved  that book that he loved he gave it to her and she loved it to, but it was like a old fashion book so she wasn't really interested into it. one day she saw a old man he looked just like the man on the book she read about but instead of young he was really old she got to talk to him and get a long with him. Now she knew why her uncle really loved the book maybe because he loved the character because he was so famous. So one day she told her uncle if she could borrow the book because she didn't really get to read the whole book. So she really loved the books that her uncle would read and she thought that when she gets older maybe she could do the same thing.

Task Description: Thanks for reading my book I read it and as I was reading this book it was like a Indian book. If I was you I would really want to read this but at the same time I wouldn't because like I didn't really like it I didn't really find it interesting but yeah I don't know if it would be a good book to read. 


  1. Good work on finishing your book and blogging about it Daisy! It's a shame you didn't enjoy that much, hopefully you can swap with someone else in the Pythons next term!
    Remember to check your sentences and read it back to your self before you post on you blog :) Keep up the holiday learning Daisy. Yaaahoooo

    1. thank you mr goodwin for reading my blog and yep i did see the mitakes oopps.