Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Who will win?

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
There was once a Beautiful scaled butterfly. The reason why it is called the scaled butterfly is because it has scales and when enemies come near it it can turn red and push it scales out to scare it away. For a butterfly it is really easy to find food because this butterfly lives in the forest where there are a lot of plants.

On that day The butterfly landed on a flower to suck some delicious nectar out of the beautiful flower. Suddenly a horrible disgusting looking jumping spider came. It pretended to be a flower it’s name was imitation sicronym. It’s name sounds so harmless  but it is really tricky it has eaten a lot of insect then you think. As the butterfly comes near imitation sicronym a giant grasshopper jumps in. It grabs the butterfly's body and eat it all up with the wings left out.

The spider tries to escape but it was too late. The grasshopper leaps over with it’s long legs and grabs the imitation sicronym before it was too late. Then the Grasshopper ate it with tiredness. The grasshopper was the only one to live.

Task Description: My task for this was to make my own insect and bug. Once again if you don't I made a blog post about my own bug and insect. Go check it out if you would like. I had to make a story about who will be destroyed and who will survive? Find out if you want know more.

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