Saturday, 8 April 2017

Paidea Seminar

The year 5/6 extension group were doing a Paidea seminar. This looks like having different groups and each group has an friendly argument with each other. I was in a group called the Maori tribe which is like a cultural group. Each group also did a movie, which you can check out here, and my movie was about how Maori people managed to live back in the day.

The Paidea seminar was really cool. We each got time to talk and we also had treats every time we talked or asked questions. I can say that we struggled, but it was only a practice so next time it will be easier for us because we have all ready done it. When we do Paidea seminar again I think that I will be a lot better than I was before, and that I will encourage my group instead of just letting them talk and talk.

Having to do the Paidea seminar is really cool, because it is a time that we can all share our ideas that we have been really wanting to share. I am not much of a shy person, but seeing me doing the Paidea seminar on video was really different because I never knew other people had a lot of cool ideas about their focus groups. Next time I am really looking forward. Would you like to participate in a Paidea seminar?

Here is a movie with some snapshots from our Paidea Seminar:

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