Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My own food web

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
This is my food web. It is not a spider web with bugs on it. IA food web can be made by anyone but this is created by me. My food web only has native NZ insects/bugs. The food web is about what the insects/bug eats and I also made my own Arachnida and My own bug. I called my Arachnida ( Spider ) The Imitation sicronym. I also gave a name to my bug which was a butterfly it’s name was Cradashia. My spider jumping and it can pretend to be something so it can eat it’s prey. The butterfly is a normal butterfly but when it turns red it is a warning. When it turns orange  then it means it is scared. So my food web has different kind of animals, bugs or insects. It also has birds and fishes.

Task Description: My task was to make my own food web but the was the animals were only allowed to be native in NZ bugs, Insects or even animals. I had to write a doc about what a food web is. I also had to talk about my bug and insect that I made. Go check my blog post out about my own bug and insect. Hope you enjoy my food web!

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