Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Year 5 and 6 highlights

Walt: write about our experiences on camp.

Have you ever been camping on your school school field before?  Well I have trust me it is actually really fun. Oh sorry that I haven’t introduced myself my name is Daisy. Well believe or not this is my 2nd time going to camp. Oh and my school has been camping for 27 years. Yes I know Amazing!

At camp we sleep in tents with 2-4 people. I slept with one person and the good thing is she is my friend Makayla. Other people have camp when like it is for 2 weeks or something, but my camp it is different it is from Wednesday to Friday then it is over. To me it felt like it was like week being at camp. Doing camp is for kids to have time of school and just have fun with our teachers.

My favourite part about camp was actually kayaking. This is because kayaking is really fun. I got to go around this pole in the water couple of times. My friend Trendy was on fire, she went around the pole and back like.. Well I can’t even remember she made it look so easy, but the rest of us were struggling a little bit. Another highlight of camp that I really liked was the maungarei pools. It was really fun because there was the water park where there was like objects with water coming out I really liked the bucket water place, because it will tip water on you after 3 seconds.

Camp wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t my family  so I would like to say a Big thank you to my parents for helping me get to camp. Oh and I wouldn’t forget my teacher thank you to all of the teacher s who stayed up at night to help us sleep and go toilet. So thank to all the parents and teachers especially Mr Burt who started camp. How could I forget my team the best team you will ever know the team who represents Mr Burt the Principal's my team worked so hard that we came 3rd I mean it is better than coming nothing. Also congratulation to Mr Burt for the 27 annual camp of Pt England.

Being in camp was a big opportunity I learnt that I could improve more about me respectful to my team. I would like to say sorry if I was bossy to anyone in my team but yeah thanks for trying your best everywhere we went together as a team. A lot of kids should go camp because you could have fun instead of doing learning every year with nothing happening but assembly and prizegiving. I really enjoyed camp this year and I hope other people will when they become year 5 or 6.

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