Monday, 13 March 2017

Facts about Wetas

Walt:  Bugs ( Weta )

Image result for Facts about wetasYes if your confused about why we are learning about bugs well we aren't we are just doing this for fun. So we got to pick a bug we would like to research about I picked Wetas. Anyway I just found out that Wetas are actually endemic to NZ ( New Zealand ). I actually already knew that a Weta is really big but I found out it is kind of like a size of your head ( not really sure).  This fact is my favourite fact it is about how the name from Weta comes from the Maori word ( wetapunga ) which means god of ugly things. Wetas are actually known as the biggest insect on earth.  I am really interested in the fact that Wetas are nearly instinct because of rats.

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