Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Race!

Walt: We are learning how to write a recount.

Have you ever raced your class on a field before? Well our lesson was to race on our school field. I thought we were just going to do normal work on our chromebooks, but I was wrong. It was just a normal day until our teacher told us to line up outside and put our shoes on.

Surprisingly we had to line up he told us to be quiet while walking i was so confused, but excited at the same time. After walking and walking we stopped at the field. He told us to line up under the goal post now that’s when I was confused. In a serious way he told us that we were to run down to the end of the field where the other goal post was and back to this one.

I wasn’t actually that worried about coming last because he told us it wasn’t a race after all. He told us to not make a noise because there were other classes. When I heard that we weren’t even allowed to scream I wasn’t that worried because who would scream when they're running.

Go! Our teacher said Sprinting down to the other goal post I bursted out with laughter even though I thought I wouldn’t be screaming like that. I was only laughing because my friend Amelia tripped over, well yeah she is our class clown. Running back I didn’t care what was happening I was just so happy that I got to sit down.

Finally we finished the run well more like 100 meter run anyway I was so happy we were done. Later on our teacher put us into two groups so we could have a drink. Feeling the water come into my mouth I felt like I was going up to heaven. Just so you know I am never ever doing that again.

Task Description: Well believe it or not we didn't really know what wee were going to to do today we were just so confused. but we knew that we were going to do a recount well I knew. We had discuss about what a recount iss what you need to write in a recount. Hope you enjoy my family.

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  1. Ki orana Daisy,
    I am so happy that you now know how to write
    a descriptive recount! By the way do you write
    a success criteria? Overall I loved your story
    but if you have time please read through the story
    so that the beginning of your sentence makes proper
    sense! Great work Daisy and keep it up!