Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Newspaper Towers

Walt: write a recount about our experience.
Have you ever made a tall tower out of newspaper before? Well my teacher might be crazy, but today our lesson was to make the tallest newspaper tower. Funny thing to say it was actually kind of hard.

When my teacher said that we had to make the tallest towers we could make out of newspaper. I was like yeah I am cool with that, but in the inside I was kind of nervous. He told us we only got to have 7 newspapers we could use to make a tower. Then that's when I thought are you out of your mind we need more paper than that. Yes I was kind of nervous, but I was ready.

To get started I had to pick some buddies that were perfect for my team . My team was perfect the people that was in my group was Naomi, Paikea, Amelia, Trendy, makayla and Ayla. Once my team was sorted out we got a paper and pencil from our teacher so we could do our planning. I was also surprised that everything was actually working out fine, and no one in the group was bossy everyone was just giving in great ideas. This was turning out how I never expected it was going to be like.

When we started building We had a couple of changes up that were completely different from our plan. We were taking our time then as soon as I saw the other teams their tower was already getting higher then ours. So we had to make a bunch of newspaper balls to make the newspaper tower stand, and we rolled the other papers, and stack them ontop of each other. Yes you can say was there any problems? Well yes there was, because I was a little fired up just of making a newspaper tower. I think it was because we only had a little bit time, but yeah I still had fun with my team oh yeah I am also sorry.

Doing this lesson was really really awful I felt so angry and didn’t feel like a good thing to do we all yelling at each other. I would never do this again, and as you can see I am saying things that you could tell I did not like it. I do have to say that I actually learnt something it was to never ever give up even if I have a little bit time to finish it, Also I won’t forget I learnt how to work as a team.

Task Description: Doing this was hard Yes there was bossy people and problems. But the good thing is that we came 3rd in the hole thing. This was really awful but it was fun to come a place at least. Hope you enjoy my story.

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  1. Hi Daisy,

    I loved your writing. It was amazing and also like the bit where you said that it was quite hard. I thought it was easy but it was quite hard too. Our group did well and we got most of the tape actually. Anyways great work!