Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion assembly 2017

WALT: using exciting language

Walking into the school hall now that's thinking was pictured up on the big screen. Each teacher was carrying/wearing at least one thing. On a table there were cool devices, I was so excited about all the teams topic.

Our school topic Now that's thinking is about technology. Each team had amazing ideas some teams actually had the same ideas, like how team 1-3 looked like they were going to have fun making breathtaking kites. Team 5 topic was about fixing things around the school. Their act was hilarious.

Team 4 topic is about what kind of technology maori people used before pakeha people even arrived on New Zealand. Our movie was about how our creative teachers thinking back in time for a topic for team 4. Each of our teachers came up with extraordinary ideas. They each were amazed that some of the helpful creations that are created now, weren’t even created until 1979 or even 1885.

I would really be so excited to make robots that can burn dirty rubbish into dirt, and make more healthy plants to help stop pollution. I hope we could learn about or even make creations that represent ourselves, and not even make it, it would also be cool to carve it out. Thinking about all these fun things I want to do this term is making my cheeks blush with excitement.
Even though term 2 hasn’t even had a first week yet I am already excited. I am excited about all the things I am going to create and learn about. I have a good feeling about this term.

Task Description: This term is going to be amazing I can tell that each team is going to have fun during this term. I just can't imagine people not enjoying this year. This term has been so exciting even though it hasn't been the first week yet!

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