Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Food critic

Walt: express our personal opinions.

Salty crunch  
If I was a salty chocolate lover I would love this chocolate, but I didn’t.

This salted caramel chocolate is known to be called hokey pokey and the brand it comes from is Cantibury.  This chocolate cost $5 dollars and this is the only flavour of its kind. This chocolate has chunks of hokey pokey.

It smelt good so I was really enjoying it. It felt good it wasn’t weird.Popping the chocolate in my mouth I had a good feeling about it. Then I felt hard bits of hokey pokey coming against my gum. I hate salted chocolate so at first I thought it was going to be delicious, because of the all of the chocolate melting in my mouth.

For the chocolate that I ate I would have to say that the brand should improve to not make it that salty.  The brand should improve putting less chunks even though that is the point of the chocolate which is hokey pokey. I still wouldn’t want that much hokey pokey in there.

To judge this chocolate I have to give it a 4.  I loved the chocolate, but not the caramel hokey pokey. I would never eat this again.

Task Description: What I did for this task was, we all had to taste test each chocolate some of us had the same one and some of us had different ones. I was so nervous we all went through this doc all together that showed what it felt like, smelt like, what it looked like. Then finally we got to taste the chocolate. While we were eating it we had to think about how it tasted while it was in our mouth. I didn't really like it, but if you are a salty lover then you would really love it. Hope you enjoy my story.

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