Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Comic writing

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.
With a KA-BOOM!! Black Canary threw one of her sword things and made the Brick fall to the wall. Then Green Arrow came in a flash and shot the Brick with ice. Black canary said, “ You're late” Then Green Arrow said,” Sorry just trying out my arrows.Green Arrow show a Arrow and said, “ For my first one helium” And Brick went floating in the air. CRASH!!! went  another one and he said, “mightiest” Then he went as still as a statue but he was gold. Then He shot three more which was ooze, magnet, bug size. After he finished doing all those Brick just turned into a giant, but Green Arrow  had an idea because he saw an wrecking ball and shot an ordinary arrow and shot is to the string which made it hit Brick and KLANK!!!! went Brick then he vanished in the thick fresh air.

Green Arrow movie I watched

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