Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My fiafia

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
Have you ever been to a fiafia event? At Pt England school we had fiafia last week on Thursday, it was the best. We were so excited but really nervous on the inside.

If you didn’t know what fiafia is, it is when people get put into groups with one culture in that group or other kind of performances like hip hop or something like that. We had our fiafia on thursday the 7th of april 2016. Our fiafia was held on our school field. The school was doing fiafia altogether, so that would be really scary performing in front of the whole school.  

When we got put into groups we had to pick three decisions and
my first one was niuean and my other two were tongan and cook island. I picked niuean because I love to learn new stuff I’m actually  tongan but I wanted to try something new. Over the past five or six weeks that was how long we have been practicing for, and when I mean we I mean the whole school.   

My favorite group out of all of the performances was the junior hip hop. I like them alot because they were really on to it because nobody was shy or anything they were all smiling everyone was happy. You know what all of them were year 1,2 and 3.

I thought that fiafia was the actually really cool like it made me nervous and all those other bad feelings but it was still the best. I was really surprised because it was my first time ever doing fiafia. next time we have fiafia  I think it would be better well I hope it would be. If you guys came to our fiafia what do you think about it was really cool or was it not?  Well I thought it was amazing.



  1. Hi there Daisy, wow sounds like you had a great time at fiafia. Were you nervous scared when it was your turn. I enjoy reading your blog post It sounds really fun.

  2. kia ora Daisy, it sounds like you were really scared to perform in front of the whole school. it is really awesome that you want to try new things. great writing but I have to say what did you like better the food stalls, the performances or both?

  3. Kia ora Daisy I see you had a amazing time at fiafia. I really liked the junior hip hop to it was really fantastic. and you looked very fantastic in your coustumes. Did you like dancing in your group.