Monday, 4 April 2016

Camp experience.

JPEG ImageWalt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
JPEG ImageTwo weeks ago on tuesday the year 5 & 6 block  had camp, did you know that our school  has been camping for 26 years.we were split into teams and I was in the Kind Krew. My leader were Simon and Sebrina I am a year 5 this year but can you believe it I get to go camp again when I am a year 6.

Why I went to camp was because if I didn’t I would miss out all the fun and I would have to spend time with the people that didn’t get to go to. When I was at camp I saw a lot of people from my class and people that were my friends and mostly all the teacher from room 6,7,8,9 and 10.  So we didn’t camp like in australia or something we just camped on our school field.

While we were at camp each teams got to do activities and my favourite activity was the sport equipment and the roller blades that came with it. When I got on the roller blades it felt like I was flying but I wasn’t but it was really cool because you got to skate in the breeze where all the space was. We were in the hall so it was cool in there too because there were ping pong balls to play with there were even basketball to play just to have a little fun. In my team were mostly year 6 but I got used to them and tried getting along with them.

My 2nd highlight was the top town or the secret name THE KILLER ZONE, it was really cool because when you get there would be a man that looked exactly like Mr Jacobson any way he would tell the instructions but when you get there you will see water balloons for you to fill it up with water when you get to that part you get to throw them at the other team. The team that we faced was the kind legends they lost but we still cheered for them even though we won.

It was really fun at camp all the fun stuff we did especially the part on the last day we got to the pakuranga pools. I thought that camp was better than I thought it was gonna be, and guys what do you think would you want to this or you don’t want to show me what you think in the comments.

Task Description: We had to talk about camp. We also had to use the 5 w. Like who, where, what, when and why in each paragraph.

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