Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The ginger bread and the magical beans

Walt: write stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

Once there was a little gingerbread man called frank, he lived in the creek and always forgets what he has been doing. And he loved to swim but the thing that he wasn't happy about was that he didn't know how to.

Frank would always be practicing but always was failing. But one day a weird lady  came and she ask Frank do you want some of my special beans it is fresh and it is good for you to eat,then Frank said yes please, the lady started to laugh then Frank joined in and the lady said ‘ Shhh only I say it not you’ and Frank whispered and said hahaha. He tried to get her name but after she laughed she vanished through the dusty old thick air.

On that day Frank had a nap. And dreamed he was the best swimmer in the whole wild world, then he woke up and said to himself ‘ I should try swimming right now’ so he went to the creek and tried swimming there and he dipped his foot in and said I can do this,he finally tried and he was swimming. Then he was wondering is it me or did that lady just give me magical beans to eat then right then just made me swim. Someone in his brain said ‘I  think it is the weird magical bean thing and that old lady.

He went to sleep and said today was the best day ever and closed his eyes and dreamed of him waking up and every morning he had to swim and he was horrified. So then he woke up and he was like oh my pants are wet but then it was that he forgot to change his pants from after swimming, the next morning he saw the old lady again then he said hey old lady !!!!  He asked her to take these beans out of me cause I never want to swim ever again!!!

Then she asked him who told that those bean will make you swim, ummm myself (lady) oh those won't make you swim, oh so that means I just knew how to swim thanks old lady, oh and the names grace . He said to himself this is like the first time I ever never forgot something,Then Frank lived happily ever after.

Task Description: We learnt how to put different sentences in our writing. And also learnt how to do vocabulary words.

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