Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The lighthouse

On a dull starless night there was a treacherous headland with  an  old  stone lighthouse on top that was illuminating the village below. And they and humunges  rocks down  where the sea was at. A  solitary  man looking after the lighthouse but he had to study a lot.

In a cosy cottage they had people celebrating because people were getting married and  they all said “hooray’’. The people had tankards they were drinking. There was music and  happiness  and dancing .

But there was a lighthouse keeper for the villagers  he was  a hard worker  and he would get tired
too.  With annoyance  he slammed the window  with anger.  Suddenly the lights went out  Then  the clanking noise disturbed  the festivities and that was not good for the people that was having a good time then the lights went out .

He went up stairs  with the lantern and he   checked the  mechanical and the cogs  and it was ok . In  a surveyed way the lighthouse keeper  was in a rushed and had a looked if  the weird  boat  was getting closer and it was so he was panicking.

So the lighthouse keeper  thought it was hopeless.  But  he was going to warn the villagers   that the boat is coming and is to destroy  lighthouse but they already  came without anyone telling the villagers.     

So then the boat went away and all the villagers were happy and  lighthouse got his peace and quiet. But best of all  they  lived  happily  ever after .  wasn't   that  best story ever.

The End !!!!


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