Monday, 29 June 2015

Daisy term 2 writing sample

Last week on Friday me and my Kapa Haka group were doing our dancing and our singing for the assembly. While we did our fancy stuff  I was quite nervous but then I knew that I had to stop because it was my  time to shine in front of the whole school.  My group had to shine too they were awesome and even whea saf and whea patty was happy they were the people  that taught us the dancing and the singing.

We always practice Kapa Haka on Tuesdays Because the hall is always free so when we practice we get our voice checked by singing a e i o u  and sing that like ten times. We did our dancing and singing so we could show them how great we were  it felt like I was famous and the school was my fans. The singing was great everything was great and everyone  was proud of us because of all the stuff we have learnt.
When we sang Motua  played the guitar for us and he was the man at playing the guitar because it sounded like a  bird tweeting.  Even though I am not maori  I  learnt a lot of stuff and it was to  not  be scared if you did a mistake just pretend that you were supposed to do it.

What i liked about us dancing and singing was proud and happy of my group I felt like I was Jennifer Hudson and my group was famous just like me. The whole school wa happy and even our family members I was about to cry.

                     THE  END

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  1. HI Daisy It's me Hinerangi and Amelia we would just like to say you have made an awesome story about writing sample last term. All the best from Hinerangi Amelia and Rms 11/12... By