Wednesday, 7 December 2016

experiment about washing powder

Walt: think critically about advertising
Room 10 decided to do a experiment about washing powder to see if Persil will wash better or supreme or could it even be water. To try this out we needed 2 buckets and 3 dirty singlets. The first thing we did was we had really clean white singlets so we got 3 people to make it very very dirty. When they were done we had to fill our 3 buckets full of water. So first we tried water and it didn't work so well it still had the stains. Then when we tried out Supreme it was kind of good it wasn't that bad I mean I would use it but it still had a little bit of stains. We saved the best for last because it was persil and like a lot of people use persil I thought it wasn't going to be cleaner then supreme, but it was so I wrong but it still had just a little bit of stains not to bad but it was cleaner.

Task Description: When we did this experiment I picked Supreme there weren't that much who picked Supreme, but a lot of people who picked persil. Here is the link of how we thought about the experiment before we even did it. Experiment. Thanks for reading about Room 10 experiment. 

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