Thursday, 17 November 2016

A crazy adventure at Motat

There once was a group of girls who were good friends there names were Daisy (me), Jorelle, Amelia, Paikea, Makayla, Naomi and Trendy ( Naomi’s cousin). So yeah they were all good friends they would always be there for each other and always respected their teacher.  One day they all got chosen to go on a special trip with the teacher to a place called Motat. There teacher told them that Motat stands for Museum of technology and transport.

All of them agreed to go, and they were all so excited. When they got there, Daisy said “ Wow is this place like an olden day place or something?” Mia (short for amelia) replied back and said “ Yeah I think so” Everyone liked what they were seeing. There was a lady introducing them to Motat she gave Their teacher a map to show where they were going first.

Miss Moala (teacher)  walked them to the first place they were going to. Then Jorelle and Daisy were busting to go toilet and told Naomi if she could tell Miss that they were going to the toilet. Naomi answered back then said “yeah sure”. Daisy and Jorelle ran to the toilets. When Miss Moala and the girls saw the place they screamed with excitement. Naomi forgot to tell Miss Moala because of how cool the place was. After a while they moved to the next place.

Daisy and jorelle came back and The girls weren’t there. Daisy said “ Where are they, they are supposed to be here because naomi should of told Miss Moala”, Jorelle was worried. Miss Moala was on to her next activity it was the train Jorelle favourite place. Except Jorelle and Daisy still wasn’t there with them. Daisy and Jorelle searched and searched, but they still couldn't find them.

Finally The girls were on to there last place it was the church they really liked the houses around the village but mostly they liked the Church. It was time to go the girls still didn’t notice they weren’t with them and just left Jorelle and Daisy behind. It was getting dark and Daisy knew they weren’t going to find them. Jorelle told Daisy to sleep in the church it was cold but it was the only way. Suddenly Daisy woke up found her and Jorelle in the bus on there way back to school. Daisy was safe so she thought oh well and went back to sleep.

Task Description: I know this story looks so weird like would you actually sleep at motat? No! I wouldn't this story is really actually just made up. So I am sorry for not telling you guys like it has actually happened but really it hasn't.

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